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September 29, 2016

So, here I am with another story to be told :)

This was my very first visit to Session Junkies at Klampis. My boyfriend had bragged a lot about this place, and a random coincidence let us visited this place together along with some other friends.

I wasn't feeling quite well that day. I was very emotional, my head hurts, I even started to shiver a little, and got feverish. Really not the best time to have these kind of meals I'm about to show you.

We were using deal from Dealoka app for this visit. So, we only paid for around 140k for the platter, pizza, and four drinks that we ordered. When I was asked about the drink that I want, I directly looking at the warm drinks section, and decided to have a cup of hot chocolate. Let me show you what we had:

The hot chocolate was really helpful, because I did feel a little cold at that time. The pizza and platter were really enjoyable for me. I still couldn't help my love of savory things, even when I was quite sick. I didn't eat that much though, it was just enough to keep my stomach happy.

I wasn't really aware of the name for the food that we ordered, since I didn't check out the Dealoka app, and I was in the toilet when they ordered the food. So, I just snapped the menu to share to you, guys:

I also love the place there, since it wasn't that crowded on the second floor. The first floor was more crowded, so you can get a more peaceful surroundings upstairs.

The table where we decided to have a little 'photo session'.

These lamps are just so cute to me. Totally would love to enjoy a book here ^^

and.. here's our messy table :D

I wasn't fully aware of everything that night, but I do remember that I love the food and drink, I love the place, and of course I love the small gathering that's happening that night. I just have one simple complain: I couldn't lock the female toilet door. I was contemplating to go to the male one instead, but I decided to hold the door with my hand and leg while doing my business. Thankfully, as I said before, it wasn't that crowded upstairs, so no one really use the toilet that often. Despite that issue, I will totally want to pay this cafe another visit :)

Hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed the night that I had.
See you on my next post! :D

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