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December 10, 2016

It was pretty late already, but yes, I had another birthday celebration with another group of friend last month. There were five of us who had birthdays in October, so we planned this gathering and decided to use DealJava vouchers at Harris Hotel Buffet.

The first time we entered the 'Harris Cafe', each of us was given an ice cream voucher. We arrived at around 6 pm and it was just opened, so we were the first ones there at that time. I was so happy to have all the freedom to take a lot of pictures of the interior and food there. Take a look at all these pics I took:

I really love the big windows with the twinkling night cityscape view (I always love big windows with great views!). You can also sit at the balcony and enjoy that view, but it might have a cigarette smell all over the place since it's kind of become a smoking area.

Here are the food that I had that day:

The food are good enough. I just didn't enjoy the Seafood Teppanyaki because it was quite fishy. The dimsum also just tasted okay to me. My favorite ones among all of them were Ikan Lada Garam, Sapi Lada Hitam, and the Lumpia. My friends said that they didn't enjoy the brownies, but fortunately the cakes that I took were nice.

Overall, it's a good place with lots variety of food which made me so happy. It could be a really romantic place to have dinner, if only they have a table for two. 

Have a great weekend, pals :D

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