Food Travel // November 2016

December 15, 2016

Welcome again to another monthly Food Travel  post, guys!
Today I will show you some of the food that I had in November. Let's just see 'em now! :D

After a gym session, we decided to have a little lunch in this small shop near St. Clara school called Masakan Tio Ciu. I had the Kwetiaw Goreng and enjoyed it. It's quite cheap and the portion is just enough for me.

I also got to try Starbucks' Holiday Drink: Red Cap Dark Mocha Frappuccino. The special thing about this drink is the whipped cream. It's pink and white, and it taste so good.

A birthday celebration at Lin's Garden! Read more about it here.

Finally able to try this Indomilk Banana Blast! I always love banana milk, so I was so excited to try this one, because this is the only banana milk I can find in Indonesia for now. So yummy!

My mom bought me these cute LINE FRIENDS Binggrae Banana and Strawberry Milk. It's of course super tasty, and I was thinking of keeping the packagings because they are so cute! But, I decided to just take a picture of them so they will last forever :)

Japanese Curry is one of my most favorite food! When A&W had this Curry series, of course I have to try it! The taste is quite good for me and I'd love to have some again in the future :D

McDonald's released an Asian series food, and Matcha Oreo McFlurry is one of the food on this series! I was kind of disappointed to see the matcha syrup all over the regular ice cream at first. Then, I mixed it all and it's actually kind of good. So, I had it twice in November :p

Apparently Pizza Hut was having another new series of pizza, and yes, I tried it. My boyfriend and I ordered Frankfurter BBQ Pizza and Cheesy Potato which were delicious! We also had the Berry Breeze drink and Dilmah English Breakfast Tea.

Visiting this new it place in Surabaya: Intro! Read the full story of my visit here.

After a long day at Pasar Atom, my family decided to have some meal before we went home. I had this Nasi Goreng Jawa and I love it so much! Definitely going back there to have some of this.

Have you ever seen this cute spiku from Anita Spiku & Tart? It's been my favorite since a long time ago, and I was so glad to enjoy these in November.

During office lunch break, I ordered this Nasi Gobyos from Ceker & Friends. I chose the lowest level of spiciness (yes, they have levels), just to play it safe because I didn't know how spicy it was supposed to be. It was quite spicy for me after eating it halfway through, but I enjoyed it :)

My friend wanted to try this suki place at PTC called Pappa'steamboat. Read more about it here.

Starbucks Red Cup! Enough said :D
I had Hot Toasted Graham Latte in it and it tasted wonderful! :D

Tried out this recipe for Thin and Crispy Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies from Yvonne Ruperti's One Bowl Baking. Love this recipe and the result was super nice!

Just went grocery shopping at this new Lotte Mart at Pakuwon Mall. Had these cute Mini Pastries and Lotte Choco Pie. Just another breakfast supplies ;)

My mom wanted to visit this market and ended up buying a Blue Soda and Strawberry drink from Bumble Bee. My little sister also bought this Daisy Cotton Candy there.

Kkuldak had this new product called Shake Shake Chicken. Since there was a buy-1-get-1 promo, I was so curious to try it. It's quite salty because there were a lot of this cheesy garlicky powder in the bag, but I still love it though. It was IDR 32.000 for two when the promo's still available. I guess now it will cost you IDR 32.000 for one pack.

I had been really curious about the taste of Nasi Goreng Gila at Waroeng Mee, that's why I made a decision to try it. However, I didn't really enjoy it though. Pangsit Hitam which supposed to be on the meal wasn't available at that time. Maybe that's why I felt like this food was kind of incomplete.

Promo from Dunkin' Donuts for LINE users! Buy 6 donuts and get 6 others for free, and you can choose any donuts you want! Awesome promo! I tried this Green Tea Donut and sadly I couldn't really taste the green tea.

Another birthday celebration with college friends at Harris Hotel Buffet. Complete story here.

Wall's released an Oreo Cornetto! Oh my gosh! I just had to try it! And of course I love it! How can you not liking any sweets with Oreo? Right? ;)

That's all for my November Food Travel post. Don't forget that you can follow my food traveling adventure on my Instagram too! I post a lot of food Instagram Story that you don't wanna miss ;)
You can expect a much more christmassy posts in near future, guys. So, stay tuned! ;)

Have a great day!

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