Food Travel // Anniversary Dinner at My Kopi O!

April 20, 2017

Hello again!
I can't believe that it's already a month since this dinner took place, which means that today is our monthiversary! lol 😆
We didn't really plan to have our 2nd Anniversary dinner at My Kopi O! at first. However, we managed to join a Twitter photo contest and won IDR 300.000 vouchers to dine here! What a perfect timing, right? 😄

If you're wondering how do the vouchers look like then here you go, if you aren't then just keep scrolling:

Since our anniversary was on Monday, we visited this restaurant right after I finished my work. You can imagine how starving I was after a Monday work. So, looking at these food inside the menu really did make me so happy!

After some thinking and calculation (to match the vouchers' worth), we finally decided to order these delicious food:

- Grilled Fish Sambal Matah IDR 75.800
- Dory Sambal Terong Steam Rice IDR 49.800
- Salted Egg Chicken Wing IDR 55.800
- Spicy Garlic Tofu IDR 34.800
- Ice Green Tea Tarik IDR 26.000
- Strawberry Peach Tea IDR 33.000
*5% service charge and 10% tax aren't included yet

It took us quite some time to eat because both of us love to take food photos so much (check out our Instagram: degortez and wilxia93)! We were so hungry yet eager to have the best shot of our food 😂

My Kopi O! is one of my favorite restaurants ever! I always love eating here and I definitely love all the food and beverages I had above! Honestly we ordered way over our stomach capacities, so we wrapped some of the food to be brought home. I guess ordering some sort of free food while you're really starving will result in an impulsion act like this 😂

We only needed to pay an additional IDR 10.000-20.000 more. It's like the most economic dinner I've ever had in my life, and I even got more food to be eaten later. I just felt really grateful for that night 😊

If you never had a meal at this place before, I truly recommend you to try their food! I always enjoy every meal I had here, not only because they're freakin' delicious but also because I love the vibe of this restaurant so much. The vibe is just so nice and warm which makes me love to sit there for quite some time.

Another favorite dish that I love here is their Japanese Curry Chicken Rice 😋 If you love curry as much as I do, then you'll love it! I've been ordering it too often that I decided to try something else on this visit 😂

Alright then, that's my story of the anniversary dinner I had at My Kopi O!
I guess I'm going to see you on my next post then!
Have a blessed day! 😄

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