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April 15, 2017

Hello again!
Today i'm going to take you to one of the restaurants with authentic Indonesian food from Manado, North Sulawesi. Indonesia has a lot of local dishes from the many provinces in it. If you love spicy/hot food then you're going to love these food from Manado 😋

Few months ago, this new restaurant called Beautika was opened in Surabaya. Since I love spicy food and I do love Manado food, I was quite eager to have a visit to this place. However, not until last month that I finally able to taste the food in this restaurant!

The surroundings of the restaurant is quite unique. As you can see from the photos below, there is a combination between Indonesian traditional buffet (read: depot prasmanan) and modern restaurant.

I was kind of confused on where to order at first, but then a waiter just said that I can look around at the buffet and told him what I want to order. So, these are some photos of the food from the buffet at that time:

There was also an ice cream corner! I didn't order any though. However, there was this one particular flavor that got me so curios: Rujak. I can't really imagine how it will taste like, lol 😂

You can also find some local food for dessert (or to help easing the spicy pain on your tongue 😛) :

After I ordered the food from the buffet and went back to my table, another waiter came and gave me this menu:

Long story short, here are the food that I ordered 😋:

- Nasi Putih IDR 10.000
- Nasi Kuning Komplit IDR 35.000
- Cumi Cah IDR 40.000
- Perkedel Jagung IDR 7.500/piece
- Sayur Woku IDR 25.000
- Ayam Woku IDR 40.000
- Ayam Tuturuga IDR 40.000
Cakalang Cabe Rica IDR 40.000
- Nasi Merah IDR 11.000
- Lalampa IDR 9.000/piece
- Es Kelapa Muda IDR 21.000
- Soft Drink IDR 15.000
*10% tax and 5% service charge aren't included yet

Overall, I really love the food here. It's spicy, tasty, and they have an option to have red rice instead of the white one. However, the price of the food here is really expensive for me. It's better to come here in a group and order few main dishes to be shared, because as you can see, one main dish is worth around 40k each. So, if you really want to try the food here but you want to save your wallet too, just order a plate of rice for each of you and share the main dish with your friends/family to save more money 😁

That is all for my story about Beautika. It's nice to have the traditional food to be repackaged with a modern touch like what is happening in this restaurant. If you want to visit this place just head to: Jalan Raya Kupang Indah No. 17 right away 😀

See you on my next post and have a great long weekend everyone! 😆

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