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April 18, 2017

Here I am, writing another post about instant noodle.. Wow, I'm living such a healthy lifestyle, aren't I? 😂

Have any of you ever heard about Indomie Real Meat? Well, if you live in Indonesia, I guess at some point you have ever heard of it. For those of you who don't know, it's basically instant noodle with real meat in it (the name really explains everything, doesn't it?).
However, have you known that they just added two new flavors for the series? Originally they had two flavors of Indomie Real Meat: the Chicken Mushroom and Beef Rendang. Recently they just released Sweet Fried Beef (Empal Goreng) and Spicy Quail Eggs (Telur Balado)!

Let's try the Sweet Fried Beef first!

Personally, I like this one better, since I love beef more than quail eggs. It also has crispy toppings! I don't really know what to call the toppings, but I do love to eat instant noodles with a crispy toppings, whether it's fried onion, crackers, etc. So, it's definitely the plus point for me! The taste is also quite good honestly. Love it!

Now, let's check out the Spicy Quail Eggs one:

I still love this one too, since it's spicy and I love spicy food. It is not that spicy though, so most people would still be able to enjoy it just fine. If you love quail eggs, I believe you will be able to enjoy it more than I did! It's still really tasty for me, though, don't get me wrong. I just don't really like quail eggs, that's all. I purely eat it out of curiosity, because it's a new flavor and I just needed to try it 😂

So, there you have it, my simple and short review about these two new flavors of Indomie Real Meat. If you don't think reading my review is enough, just go to the supermarket and buy some to try 'em out yourself. After all, I'm suddenly craving for it again, just because I am writing about it right now. Oh man, gotta stop eating too much instant noodles though 😂

This is it for now, guys!
Hope you've been having a much more healthier meal than I did!
See you on my next post! 😁

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