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June 13, 2017

Hello again!
Today I want to share my lunch experience at Muttonbird Bistro & Rooftop. It was such a pleasant experience with great environment, tasty food, and more importantly affordable price. They were having a Lunch Saving promo at that time, so you can have a main course with ice tea for only IDR 30.000 - 35.000.

Here are the food that I ordered at that time:
- Rice Burger Rendang + Ice Tea IDR 35.000
- Spaghetti Curry + Ice Tea IDR 35.000
- Adds On Snack: French Fries IDR 10.000
- Adds On Snack: Spicy Chiceken Wing IDR 10.000
- Spring Roll IDR 25.000

I totally enjoyed all the food! The Rice Burger and Spaghetti were just delightful! I think the food here is worth coming back for. Mostly because they have a unique taste that can't really be found at other restaurants 😋

I also felt really comfortable sitting there for quite a long time. You can choose to sit on the first floor, or you can also enjoy the view on the rooftop. I chose to have my food on the first floor because it looks a little bit more comfortable for me, plus the window light just made my photographs look pretty, doesn't it? 😉

Furthermore, I took lots of beautiful pictures using my DSL-R with my brother's fix lens. So, I'll just share more snaps that I took at that time 😆

It was such a nice and enjoyable lunch. They are currently offering so much promotion coupons via their Line Official Account: @muttonbird.sby! Make sure to add them and have an amazing dining experience here. Click this link to find the location of the restaurant 😄

Want to know what other menu they got to offer? Just keep scrolling down and check the menu below! 😁


This is it for now, guys!
See you on my next post! 😁

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