Food Travel // Snack Time!

June 11, 2017

Hello everybody! Weekend is still here and for me it's the time of the week where I can spoil myself and enjoy some food that I've been craving. My usual weekend routine is hanging out with my family or friends and enjoy some delicious food! Today, I'm going to take you on my journey wandering around Ciputra World Surabaya Mall while having some snacks here and there. Let's go!

So, my first stop was the Hapsari at the LG floor (near Hypermart Supermarket). I once mentioned this stall here. So you can read my complete story there. My favorite food here are the siomay and tahu bakso. They're just the best! Apparently the food price at this branch is cheaper by IDR 1.000 than the one I visited at Tunjungan Plaza. I'm not really sure what's the reason behind the price difference, maybe it's due to the different rent fee, I don't know.

Just a few stalls next to Hapsari, my mother found this stall called Pentol Edan. It sells meatballs with quite a variety of flavors. I tried out the Pentol Cabe which means chilly meatball, and it was spicy and yummy! My mom totally fell in love with these meatballs.

Across these stalls, I also found a stall called Luxera that sells lots of jajan pasar! It's basically a traditional Indonesian snacks and you can find the sweet ones and savory ones here. Well, I'm such a savory lover, so I decided to have a martabak at that time.

Alright, those savory snacks made me so full already, so I just needed to stop. I always love snacking more than  eating heavy meals. Do you tend to love snacks more too? 😋

This is it for now, guys. Hope you're having a weekend full of delicious snacks and food today! 😆
See you on my next post!

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