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June 12, 2017

Hello everybody!
In May, one of my friends who has been living in the capital, Jakarta, ever since the day after graduation, finally came back to visit us here in Surabaya! It was such an excitement, and my friends and I had so much fun planning every single things we were going to do! Of course, it did involve lots and lots of food! So, let me show you what food we enjoyed at that moment!

The first food I enjoyed was actually the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts that my friend brought from Jakarta (since it hasn't opened any branch here in Surabaya). I took the one with the colorful sprinkles and enjoyed it while it last.

Then, there was a promo at Mister Donut. So, my friends and I ended up buying dozens of donuts! Since you could get 6 donuts for free after purchasing 6 donuts, so you could get 12 donuts in total! My boyfriend and I were taking 6 donuts each though.

Our next stop was for dinner, and we chose to have Chinese food for the occasion. We headed to WOK Noodle and ordered the package that consisted of fried rice, noodles, vegetables, and chicken. Yum!

The next day we were heading to Pakuwon Mall and we had our lunch at this place called Mie UP Ceng which is located at the Pakuwon Trade Center area. I tried out the Mie Pangsit UP and Kwetiau Kwantong and I enjoyed the kwetiau more. The pangsit mie was just too ordinary for me, just not as delicious as I expected. The kwetiau had more flavors and delicious for me.

For dinner, we visited Yamagoya Ramen and enjoyed this Cha Su Ramen and Chicken Katsu Curry Rice. It was such a nice dinner, yet it's quite pricey.

Then for dessert, we headed to Dairy Queen and bought some yummy ice cream! There was a buy-2-get-1-for-free promo at that time. So, each three of us, ordered 2 ice cream and got another one for free! Awesome!

For the last night before my friend flew back to Jakarta, we decided to have a chill night at one of my most favorite cafes, Demandailing Cafe! As usual, I had the Green Tea CNC Frappio and the Mixed Fries. This time I also tried out the spaghetti and I totally love it!! I truly forgot the kind of spaghetti I ordered at that time. I guess, maybe it's the carbonara one? I'm not really sure why I didn't write the name down somewhere, maybe I was too mesmerized the deliciousness of the pasta. I totally want to try more pastas there!

One of my friends who just came back from her journey to Thailand also brought some chocolates for us! Yum!

So, those are all the food I had while having a great reunion with a good old friend!
They also had some dimsum at Kowloon Palace at that time, but I couldn't join because I had work to do. Overall, it was such an awesome week, full of great food!
I'm glad I can share it with you today, and I can't wait for you to read more stories from my blog!😄

See you on my next post everyone! Have a lovely day! 😊

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