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August 26, 2017

Hello again everyone!
Today, I'm going to share the story of my very first visit to the very first branch of Genki Sushi  in Surabaya! I first knew about this sushi place when I saw the "Opening Soon" sign of it at Pakuwon Mall, but somehow Galaxy Mall ended up opening the store first, which was kind of a surprise for me.

My friends told me that the queue on the first few days after its opening was really long and it took them hours until they're able to enjoy the meal. That's the reason I was waiting for quite some time before decided to visit it. So, here I was weeks after its opening and the queue was still rather long. I spent that waiting time to snap a few pictures here and there, though 😉

Thankfully, I only needed to wait for around 10-15 minutes before the waiter finally called my name and escorted me inside. I was really curious about this store, because I heard that they're using tablets to order and trains to deliver the meals. I was really eager to try and encounter this unique experience by myself! Exciting!

As you see above, yes we did order our food with the tablet that was provided for us when we were sat down to our table by the waiter. He explained how it works and it was really simple. All you need to do is swipe through the menu and tap on the food that you want to order. You can only order maximum 4 food or drinks at once, then you can have a new order session to order more food. My favorite part was the part where I could check out my own bill on the tablet, therefore I could see how much I'd already spent at that time and took the decision to order more or stop right there 😂

Let me take you to see what you could find on the table:

If you order hot matcha, I guess you will be able to make your own matcha because you can find the matcha powder on the table and a faucet which I supposed will supply you with the hot water. Unfortunately I didn't order the hot matcha because I was craving for cold drink at that time, so here's what I ordered at that time:
- Egg Triple Flavor  IDR 23.000
- Spicy Salmon Salad  IDR 25.000
- California Roll  IDR 30.000
- Kids Combo  IDR 53.000
- Cold Ocha  IDR 12.000
*5,5% service charge and 10% tax hasn't included yet

There were quite lots of food that were unavailable at that moment, which was a little bit upsetting because they looked amazing and I wanted to try some of them. However, the food that we ordered were satisfying enough. The taste was good enough, even though I didn't necessarily find anything special. If you're used to drinking ocha, then you'll have a new experience of drinking cold matcha which tasted quite strange to me at first. Overall I enjoyed my dining experience here! 😁

That's it for the story of my experience at Genki Sushi. If you're up to a new and unique sushi-eating experience, then you should definitely check this place out!
See you on my next post!

Have a lovely weekend today! 😊

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