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August 11, 2017

Hello everybody!
Today, I'm going to tell you about my visit to United Steaks last June. If you're living in the West Surabaya area, they have a branch at Loop, but the one I visited was located at San Antonio Shopping Street, Pakuwon City.

They got a LINE promo at that time, that's basically why we had dinner there. The other reason was because we (my friend and I) were quite curious of how the food taste like, and my boyfriend totally encourage us to dine there. So, since they offered a 30% discount for their food using the LINE coupons, we simply thought: why not? 😂

As you can see, the place has a really 'American diner' kind of style, which brought me back to America in 60's-90's era. I could see Marilyn Monroe being there somehow 😂
As we entered the building, we shall order our food right in the cashier directly. Here's how the menu looked like:

I know you're curious of what we actually ordered at that time. So, here are our orders:
- Spaghetti Meatball  IDR 30.000
- Joe Perry's Chicken  IDR 40.000
- Potato Wedges  IDR 20.000
- Cobb Salad  IDR 25.000
*normal price before discount

Their food is also really American and western as you might have noticed. There is no rice on the menu, but you can enjoy a really huge portion of meat instead. I totally enjoyed my meal here. I love all the food that we had, the wedges most importantly were really addictive. I couldn't stop taking it until it officially ran out. Overall,the portion was great, the taste was nice, and the vibe of the place was just really enjoyable. I will definitely comeback again to this restaurant and have some great hangout with friends or family. Maybe next time, I will visit the one near my house in West Surabaya area 😁

I spent quite a few hours there, just talking with my friend and boyfriend. We were so full and having such a lovely night. That's how our night went while we were there at that time.

Please wait for more fun food stories on my upcoming Food Travel posts!
See you on my next post! ☺

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