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August 29, 2017

Hello again!
Today, let me tell you a story when I was trying to live a healthy lifestyle by having this healthy catering service to provide me with my meals. This healthy catering called Real Fit Catering. I was so curious and ended up ordering an 8-day catering service from them. So, it's basically a catering for those of you who want to go on a diet, especially mayo diet.

My 8-day meal plan consists of mayo diet meals (lunch & dinner) for 7 days, and healthy food meals (lunch, healthy snack, and dinner) for one day. They also provide me with coffee or tea as my breakfast. Take a look at the rules and menu:

On the first day, they delivered all the coffee and tea that I will need in these 8 days. When you ordered the catering service, you will be able to choose whether to have coffee only, tea only, or you want both. I chose to have both, but later on I regretted that decision because the coffee was really bitter since the ones they sent were black coffee. Therefore, I ended up drinking tea for my breakfast everyday.

Now, let's see how the meals looked like:


Lunch: Phili Cheese Steak Burger

Dinner: Pineapple Chicken Mexican Street Corn


Lunch: Broccoli Pasta

Dinner: Salad (Toast, Egg, Cheese, Bengkoang, Tomato, Corn, Chicken, Mint Leaves, Special Sauce)


Lunch: Fruits Salsa with Chocolate Chips

Dinner: Grilled Chicken with Tomato Salsa


Lunch: Creamy Chicken with Broccoli Pasta

Dinner: Granola + Milk


Lunch: Deviled Egg Potato Salad

Dinner: Lettuce Chicken Sandwich


Lunch: Cheddar Sweet Corn Pie + Yogurt Drink

Dinner: Pan Seared Dory with Tomato Basil Sauce


Lunch: Chili Lime Chicken with Quinoa + Infused Water

Dinner: Chicken Spaghetti


Lunch: Potato, Chicken and Vegetables

Healthy Snack: Toast with Chocolate Sauce

Dinner: Healthy Pizza

Overall, the food tasted kind of bland because they didn't use any salt or MSG. The sauce wasn't enough to cover all the food, so there were some parts that weren't covered by the sauce. However, there were some meals that I definitely love, like the Chicken Spaghetti, Fruits Salsa, and the Healthy Pizza! At the end, I ended up losing 3 kgs from eating these meals (with a little bit cheating once in a while 😝). So, yeah, it did work!

I would totally book their healthy meals catering service again when I have extra money, because I spent IDR 750.000 for all of these meals. It's kind of expensive for me since it's only for eight days. I guess most of healthy stuff are really pricey, aren't they?

I love the information cards they sent with the food where there were descriptions about the benefits of each food, such as the benefits of grapes, granola, etc. I only wish that they will provide much more in-depth details for each meal that we're having that day, like the calories, or nutrients information, etc. They did change the menu quite a lot, so there are some made up names that I use for the food names above 😂

That's the story of my healthy food experience with this catering. It was quite a pleasant journey and it did feel kind of good to eat healthily! Stay healthy today, peeps!

See you on my next post! 😁

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