Favorites // August 2017

September 01, 2017

Whoop whoop, September is already here!
I don't know why I get so excited for September since I never did. Maybe, because it's another step closer to my favorite months December and October! Yeahh! 😆

Okay, before I get so excited for the new month, let me give you a preview of the things I've been loving in August! Let's just start, shall we?


I didn't realize I have such a long list for my music favorites, until I listed them all yesterday. So, first off let me start with how awesome Madilyn Bailey is! I found out about her from her collaboration with Cassey Ho on the Blogilates Youtube channel, then I decided to check out her channel. I am so in love with her voice and how cool she looks when she sings. I haven't checked out all of her music, but the ones I've been loving are her cover for Galway Girl and her collaboration for Justin Bieber vs. Selena Gomez Mashup on Kurt Hugo Schneider's channel.

There was this one old song that I really enjoyed last month, it was Let It Be by The Beatles. I wasn't really sure why, but this song just kept playing in my head, and I absolutely love the lyrics!

I also had another K-Pop fever again this August as I enjoyed the songs I Don't Like Your Girlfriend by the newly debuted group, Weki Meki. If you love Produce 101 and I.O.I then you will definitely be interested with this new group, because you can find some of I.O.I member in it, like Choi YooJung and Kim Doyeon. It's just so exciting to see them on stage again!

The other K-Pop songs that I've been loving are Aloha and We Like by Pristin. Yet another group with some I.O.I members. I just love seeing them grow after I.O.I is ended I guess. To be honest, I like Aloha a little bit more, it's more my kind of music 😁

There was also this song that 's been catching my attention. Well, it's that viral Baby Shark song by Pinkfong 😂 I know it's a children song, but I just love how catchy and fun it is! There are a lot of people who has done covers for this song, go check them out! It's just so funny!

I guess most of you would've known about this new song by Taylor Swift called Look What You Made Me Do. I'm not into the lyrics, because it sounds too full of revenge and hatred somehow, but I shall applaud the awesome music video! I just love the music video sooo much! What do you think about this new song of hers?

There were also some religious songs that I love in August. First was the album Alive by Fr. David Lemewu MGL and a song titled Seperti Rusa that helps me feel calm most of the time.


I am totally amazed of how many TV series I've watched in August. At first I didn't believe that I watched it all within the same month. Here are some of the TV series I totally fell in love with last month.

There's Andi Mack, and yes, it's a Disney Channel Original Series. It's more in a family drama genre than the usual family comedy. It's just kind of different than the usual Disney Channel Series, in a good way though. It's only on its first season, so I'm totally looking forward for the second season. Check out more about it on the video below!

Another Disney Channel Original Series that I love was I Didn't Do It. It's totally a fun and hilarious series, so I'm kind of sad because it only has two seasons. I totally love the cast and I see how close they became off-screen by checking their Instagram accounts. Watch the video below to find out more about what this series tells.

Okay, this one is rather big, it's the comeback of Game of Thrones on its 7th season! Gosh, totally love how awesome this season is and I hate the fact that I have to wait so long for the last season next year. I don't want to spoil anything for you, so you can just check out the trailers that were already provided by HBO 😁

In August I was back into K-Drama world. The last K-Drama I watched before this was Goblin, and this one is just really fun to watch. It's School 2017 which has Kim Sejeong (former I.O.I member) as its lead. As usual, I was totally drawn into the story and I can't wait to watch the series finale soon!


You knew I enjoyed watching I Didn't Do It by now, right? One of my favorite cast in it is Piper Curda, and I just found out yesterday that she has a blog! Her called Such is Life, and you can find a lot of her 'rumblings' about life, which is so fun for me to read. Go check her blog if you love those blog posts about life 😊


When I was in Malaysia, I bought this book titled Pope Francis' Little Book Of Compassion (The Essential Teachings) compiled by Andrea Kirk Assaf. Somehow I was really attracted by this book so I decided to buy it. After opening it, I was rather confuse because there are a lot of things about mercy and compassion in this book. I wasn't sure I was that interested to read it anymore. However, I started reading it page by page, and I learned a lot of things about this book. I think I'm going to dedicate a blog post to tell you the things this little book taught me 😉


There were a lot of exciting events happening in August! An exciting news is I'm going to travel out of South East Asia again next year! I don't want to tell you the destination now, because I want it to be a surprise later 😉

It was all thanks to Cathay Pacific Travel Fair! I got quite an awesome deal for my flights and it's going to be my first time to fly with this Hong Kong Airlines. Ughh, I just can't wait for next year! 😆

Another fun event that was held in August was the 7th Asian Youth Day which is an event for Asian Catholic youth in Jogjakarta. Unfortunately I wasn't able to join this event, but thanks to technologies I can enjoy the live streams of this event from Instagram Story and Youtube.

Other events that were as exciting as these ones were Adiwarna 2017 which was an Final Project/Thesis Exhibition for Petra Christian University Visual Communication Design student. My office had a booth at the Job Fair here and it was such a fun day. There was also my office celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day which was two days full of fun! The last one is the Fuwachu Movie Frenzy event which was an online photo contest by Fuwa-Fuwa World and I won a movie card! So happy!! 😆


There were two new places in Surabaya that got me so excited: New Hokky Supermarket and Caribou Coffee!

The new Hokky is located at Darmo Harapan area and it looks bigger and nice! Love it there ☺

The other one is the newest coffee shop in Surabaya called Caribou Coffee. They are already open in Jakarta, so they're not exactly a new brand, but I was quite curious because I've never heard of it before. I will tell you with more details on my upcoming Food Travel post, okay 😉


As usual, let me give you a sneak peak of my favorite food this August as I will discuss the details on my upcoming Food Travel posts! Here you go:

That's all for my August favorites! Now, let's just enjoy the start of the new month, September!
Hope it will be an awesome month for all of you!

See you on my next post!

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