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September 11, 2017

Hello, hello! Happy Monday!
It's been quite hard for me to separate myself with my bed this morning, but I ended up did it anyway. So, to lighten up this strong Monday vibe, I think I need to share these culinary places I visited when I was on a vacation to the city of Malang and Batu, East Java.

When I hear Batu I always get reminded of this yummy milk at the city square of Batu (Alun-alun Kota Batu) called Nandhi Murni. It was first introduced to me by a friend and I've been loving it ever since. My favorite flavors are the chocolate and coffee ones. Make sure to try it when you visit Batu! 😋

Next up is one of Malang most famous culinary spots: Bakso President. It is such a unique place because it is located right next to a train railway.

It was so crowded at the time I visited it that I didn't get to enjoy my food after around an hour later.

You can see how bright it was, and how dark it is now when my food finally arrived on my table. I was really hungry!

This place is really famous for their Bakso Bakar, but I found it to be to sweet for my taste. It's still delicious, but I enjoyed the original meatball a little bit more.

I couldn't believe how dark it had become! We spent around 1,5 - 2 hours here. It's kind of insane honestly 😂

Here comes the part where I share with you the snacks I bought! My favorite one is definitely the Kripik Tempe (Tempe Chips). Ughh, I just love it so much that I bought a variety of flavors! I didn't really notice that big of the difference in each flavor, but I didn't really mind because I just basically love them all.

My family and I just couldn't resist the night snack temptation, and we ended up buying these Pukis and Terang Bulan 😋

It was our last day of vacation and we visited the recreational spot Selecta and had lunch at this restaurant there.

We were enjoying our food with the view of the swimming pool. Nice! ☺

On our way back to Surabaya, we had a few stops at a souvenir shops. The first one was Malang Strudel!

I always love pastries and these strudels are just awesome!

I also tried out this Lapis Malang and my mom loves it!

One of my favorite snacks ever: Banana Choco Milk Chips! 😍

Then we had the other stop at Bakpao Telo. Basically you can find a lot of food and snacks made from purple sweet potatoes (telo) here.

Look how many 'bakpao' we had!

I also bought this cookies and regretted it that I didn't buy more of it because it tasted so good!! I'll definitely buy more of it the next time I visit Bakpao Telo again.

Last but not least, I also bought this tasty bakpia 😁

These are all the food I enjoyed during my short vacation to the city of Malang and Batu last June.
I hope this post has helped you feel slightly happier and hungrier to face this Monday 😂

Have a lovely Monday, peeps 😌
See you on my next post!

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