Food Travel // July 2017

September 30, 2017

Alright now, let's see my food traveling journey throughout July 2017, It has been long overdue, so I'm just going to start right away! Shall we? 😄

At the beginning of the month, I decided to buy this cookie from Starbucks that I've been dying to try while waiting for my boyfriend and his friends to arrive for our hangout that day. Luckily, somehow I got a free tall drink! The barista said that once in a while they choose a random customer to get a free drink! What a lucky day! So, I ordered a Hot Caramel Macchiato and it felt like a little gift from God, because I was contemplating whether or not I should buy it. Then I decided not to buy it to save my money, but I ended getting it anyway, and it's free! Such a blessed day ☺

Having dinner with my family at Pizza Hut,

Quality time with my best friend at Blacflac, Loop. Delicious coffee with a great conversation! It was such a great night catching up with each other's lives.

Another stop for dinner at Bakmi GM.

Fell in love again with the Pastry Stick from Rotiboy.

Celebrating a birthday of a friend at Pavilion Steak & Ribs.

Some snacks from China that my aunt gave us after she's back from a vacation.

Dinner with a really delicious porridge from Top Noodle House. The portion was so big, three people could eat a bowl of it 😆

Trying out this Pureal soya drink since we only needed to pay for one bottle 😝 It's quite delicious, I must say.

Finally trying out this Yoforia yoghurt! You can really taste the coffee flavor in this one.

New menu from Texas Chicken, boneless chickens with cheese. Don't put too much of the cheese onto your chicken, because the taste of the cheese was rather strong. Well, it's too strong for me.

Definitely a must try! A new flavor from Shihlin, a Chicken Curry flavor! Too bad they don't really serve this particular flavor anymore 😔 I wanted to buy it a few weeks ago, and they said that they don't have this flavor anymore. So sad.. 😢

I traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this July! Let's read the complete story of my travel here.

Afterward, I also visited Singapore for a few days! Find out my story here.

A noodle lunch at Top Noodle Express right after I arrived again in Indonesia with my boyfriend 😍

Back to work! Enjoying my working day at T4U Indonesia and I also found these beautiful quotes.

I could always find a lot of food at the office 😂😂

On duty for de Melly's Bakery anniversary, and the owner gave me these delicious treats! Thank you! 😋

When I saw there was a Green Tea Blizzard from Dairy Queen, I just had to try it. P.S. It's delicious!! 😋

Enjoying a big portion of Fried Mushroom Penyet from Ayam Penyet Ria. It was a lot of food for dinner.

In love with these Mini Bite cookies! Totally love them all! 😍

My mother bought this cookies & cream Patata for our treats. It's quite nice, but it's not as nice as I expected though.

This is officially one of my favorite instant noodles ever! Love this Letup Goreng Kari Berasap from Maggie. I bought it while I was in Kuala Lumpur and I wish I could get it again now! If you love spicy food and curry, then you'll love this one.

Last but not least, another food from the office. There will always be food at the office 😂

So, this is the end of the July 2017 post. I'll definitely will write the August and the September one soon! Please wait for it, okay? 😉

See you on my next post!

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