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September 04, 2017

I must tell that it was so exciting to know that one of your favorite restaurants is opening a branch in Surabaya. Yes, Bakmi GM finally can be found in Surabaya! My aunt totally loves this place that every time we visit Jakarta, she always wants to eat here. Now, she can visit it at Bukit Darmo Boulevard and PTC (Pakuwon Trade Centre) Food Court. Totally exciting, right? 😆

So, the branch we visited was the one located in Bukit Darmo Boulevard. I went there when it was first opened, and I was told to come back tomorrow because it'd already been fully booked. Therefore, I went there again weeks after its opening, and there were still quite lots of people queuing to get seated. Crazy!

While I was waiting to be seated, the staff gave me this menu so that I could decide the food that I wanted to order. They also had mineral water for those who were thirsty while waiting. That's totally nice of them.

Finally, my waiting number was called and I could finally have a table for me and my family!
Here's how the restaurant looks like on the inside:

Curious about the food that I ordered? Well, here you go:
- Pangsit Goreng (5 Buah)  IDR 15.455
- Siaomay Ayam Goreng (4 Buah)  IDR 25.000
- Bakmi Special GM  IDR 25.909
- Nasi Goreng  IDR 37.273
- Bakmi Special GM Bakso  IDR 35.000
*10% tax hasn't included yet.

I totally love the food, especially the Siomay Ayam Goreng. Definitely my favorite! The noodles are also really nice and I enjoyed eating it very much! The vibe of this place is also really nice with all the decorations and windows around. It gave me a bright and homey feels that kept me comfortable there. If you're such a noodle fan, then I think you need to totally check this place out and have a enjoyable dining experience here 😊

This is it for now, hope you'll be having a great Monday! 😁
See you on my next post!

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