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September 30, 2017

Hello guys! Happy Weekend! It's the most fun day of the week, isn't it? 😆
Alright, so today I'm going to share my fun holiday trip last July to Singapore! I guess it's like my fifth visit to this country? It's been quite a lot, but it seems like I always enjoy visiting this country since it's very convenient here.

Okay, so on the first day, we arrived around the afternoon from Malaysia. So, we checked in into our hotel then took a few hours rest before hitting the city! The first are we explored at that time was the Orchard Road. We passed by the St. Andrew's Cathedral, it's beautiful. Then, we went to Orchard Gateway to visit the famous Library @ Orchard, before enjoying an evening walk at the Orchard Road.

Afterward, we got into Takashimaya and yes, I couldn't help not to visit Kinokuniya Book Store of course 😝 When I was done browsing for the books, we had our dinner at the food court called Food Village.

Happy due to the full tummy, we went on board to the MRT again and went straight to Marina Bay Sands and Garden by the Bay.

These are the things I bought that day: a buy-one-get-another-one-for-free Nivea Med Repair which has worked quite a wonder on my terribly chapped lips. I also bought these amazingly tasty Kitkat Chunky with Cookie Dough and Best Of The Best flavors!

On the second day we headed to Merlion Park where you can find the iconic Merlion Statue ☺

After we're done enjoying the view we headed to Suntec City Mall and we had lunch in this curry restaurant called Monster Curry & Cafe. Such a nice place with friendly service from the aunty and uncle ☺Too bad the toast I wanted to try weren't available at that time 😓

I walked by Starbucks then I saw these amazing Starbucks VIA that I didn't find in Indonesia. So, as you can expect, I ended up buying a few 😝

My little brother recommended this Llao Llao yoghurt. I never tried one before, but I totally fell in love with the caramel sauce topping! Awesomeness!

And.. We finally visited the Gudetama Cafe Singapore! It's a really amazing and cute cafe/restaurant where you can take a lot of pictures. However, the food here is really expensive for me, like really really expensive. You can check out the price from the menu book photos that I took below. The service was really amazing though. The waiter was really nice and her English was really good. She even gave us these cute Gudetama Cookie after we paid the bill. So, it was somehow worth it.

Moving on to our next schedule: Sentosa Island. We went to Vivo City then walked to this island via the Sentosa Boardwalk. You can walk and enjoy the view and the breeze here 😄

We didn't really enter the Universal Studio Singapore, we were just taking a photo from the outside. As you can see, Despicable Me was the main theme of the park at that time. It was just so cuteee ☺

It was so hot at that day, so our energy was kind of draining a lot quicker. We decided to go back to the Vivo City via the Sentosa Express and enjoying the mall. My little brother and I wanted to buy the famous Irvin's Salted Egg but it was sold out at the time we were there.

Therefore I ended up doing a beauty shopping at the Etude House! Then afterwards I went to Daiso too.

Before going back to the hotel, we stopped by the Clarke Quay, had our dinner, and I was loving the Matcha and Macadamia Garret Popcorn that I bought.

Here are the things I bought at that day:

The last day was the day of souvenir shopping. I bought lots and lots of chocolates for family and friends. Our first stop for this was Bugis Street!

We bought quite a lot of things, so we stopped by at the hotel to put all those bags in our room, before continuing our shopping adventure to Chinatown.

I was kind of shocked to see the price of this Minion TicTac because it's around $2 cheaper than the one we found at Sentosa. Oh well...

I also bought these The Golden Duck Gourmet Salted Egg Yolk. They tasted amazing! Love it! Especially the Fish Skin one. Wish I bought more.. 

We also went to Plaza Singapore to find that once again we couldn't get the Irvin's.

Before the day ends, we ended up at Orchard Road again. This time I entered the first ever Official Apple Store in Singapore.

Afterwards, we had our dinner at Popeye's.

Then, I went into Daiso again! Only this time, I took some pictures for you to see ☺ I do love the Daiso in Singapore more than the ones in Indonesia, because they have more stuff here. I could spend hours in here browsing everything.

I kept on walking by this person who was busking in front of Wisma Atria at that time, and his voice was beautiful. Check out his Instagram account here.

As everything must come to an end, here's the early morning where we had to check out from the hotel and order an uber to the airport, since it's still too early and the MRT hasn't even operated yet at that hour. We stayed at the Hamilton Hotel, I guess it's a two or three star hotel? The room was quite convenient, but you get extra charge to get a Wi-fi ID which was quite annoying. You also won't be able to sneak a person into the room, because the lobby is too small and the owner will directly recognize that there is an extra person. We booked a room for three person, but we were travelling with four, and the owner charged us for one more person without even getting us an extra bed or something.. So sad 😔

Here we were at the Changi Airport and the Irvin's just got sold out, AGAIN, right in front of our eyes! Like, the person in front of us in the queue just got the last bag for that morning! So disappointing yet funny 😂

Well, it's the end of our journey for a while. Have you ever visited Singapore before? Please tell me your favorite things about this country on the comment box below! 😁

See you on my next post and have a joyful weekend!

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  1. Huwaaa lama ngga ke SG, minggu depan baru mau ke sana lagi. Great pics anyways ^^

    1. Halo Shinta! Thank you for reading! :D
      Wahh.. Selamat bersenang-senang di Singapore lagi ya minggu depan!
      Thank you buat pujiannya ^^

      Have a good day!

  2. Bbrp waktu lalu pernah denger ada tmn juga yang makan di Monster Curry & Cafe.Katanya emang enak mbk masakannya. Jadi itu di mall to, kirain berdiri bangunan sendiri :D

    1. Halo April! Thank you for reading yaa ^^
      Iya, aku kemarin ketemunya pas di mall si. Gak tau lagi kalo mereka punya cabang lain lagi.. hehee

      Have a good day! :D


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