Food Travel // Mokka Coffee Cabana

September 13, 2017

Hello again!
Today, I will share with you, the short story about my pasta dinner at Mokka Coffee Cabana.
It is a restaurant located in Pakuwon Mall, and my friends and I never ever had meals there before. We were just wandering around the food area at the mall and looking for a decent place to have dinner. Then, suddenly an x-banner caught our attention. It was announcing that this restaurant had a buy-one-get-another-one promo for pasta! As a pasta lover, it truly was hard to resist this kind of offer 😂

There were four of us, so it's just a perfect number for the promotion. Here's what we ordered:
- Spaghetti Aglio Olio  IDR 60.000
- Fettucine Carbonara  IDR 60.000
*5% service charge and 10% tax haven't included yet

I chose to have the Algio Olio pasta which turned out to be really spicy! Thankfully my boyfriend ordered the creamy Carbonara that helped me reducing the spiciness in my mouth 😂 I truly enjoyed my dinner that night, since it was really tasty and great in portion. Plus, the fact that it was half-price is really satisfying indeed! 

Are you curious about the other menus that you can find here? Don't worry pal, because I took some snaps of the menu book! Check it out below:

Honestly, I really wanted to try the Catpuccino at that time. However, I had spent quite an amount of money that day, so it just didn't feel right to splurge even more. Hopefully, I'll be back and try this cute coffee later!

Until then, please have a lovely day and see you on my next post! 😁

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