Food Travel // Kooffee+ Roof Bar & Mie Mapan

August 11, 2016

Hello again in another Food Travel post!
Few weeks ago, I went food traveling to two different places for lunch and dinner. I was having amazing time at both of these places! So, let me tell you the story of my visits.

Kooffee+ Roof Bar

The first place I visited was Kooffee+ Roof Bar. It is located on the 11th floor of G Suites Hotel at Gubeng Street. I was invited here to celebrate the birthday of some friends and we were having the all-you-can-eat dimsum.

The kinds of dimsum that were available at the time was quite disappointing, because there were only around 5-6 out of 12 kinds of dimsum available. The taste is not so bad though, I really love the Mini Wanton, although I completely forgot to take the picture of it. I was too hungry I guess.

The vibe of this place is really vibrant and young with a lot of colors and interesting spots to have fun and take a picture. I really love the decoration on the mirror that shows the steps of success.

Which step have you reached today?

The seats on the second floor

The pool and the flamingo float

View of the first floor from the second floor.

The first floor.

After we were finished at this place, we went to hang out at another place. Then when we were going home, we stopped by to this noodle house around my neighborhood.

Mie Mapan Wiyung

At first we wanted to order Mie Kuah Pedas and Mie Kare Ayam, but it was sold out already. So we ordered our second choices. I totally love both of these noodles that my boyfriend and I ordered. Totally want to go back and try out more noodles on the menu!

Mie Ayam Lada Hitam (Black Pepper Chicken Noodle)

Mie Katsu Asam Manis (Sweet & Sour Katsu Noodle)

This is the end of my story for now. Don’t worry though because the story will continue to my next food traveling experience. See you on my next story! :)


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