Favorites // August 2016

August 31, 2016

Wow, tomorrow September is starting. I just can't wait for October though, because a lot of things happened in that month for me. Well for now, let's just get back to the present and let's see what August has brought me.


The Girl and the Dreamcatcher - 'Gladiator'

This duo released their first EP at the end of last month, and I just started listening to it this month. I enjoy most of the songs in the EP, but I especially love this one. If you love pop songs, then you'll definitely enjoy this song and the EP :)

I.O.I - 'Whatta Man'

I.O.I sub-unit is releasing a new single. I wasn't that into it at the first time, but as I kept on repeating the song, I just can't help to listen to it again. Plus, I really like Nayoung in this MV. She just looks stunning.

Black Pink - 'Whistle' & 'Boombayah'

A new girl group from YG! I wasn't really interested at first, because I'm more of a SM stan than YG, but I clicked the MV thumbnail anyway. I just couldn't resist the beautiful and dreamy thumbail of 'Whistle'. I fell in love with ' Whistle' instantly. The haunting whistling sound is just so good.

For 'Boombayah', I thought it wasn't the kind of song that I'd like. However, after putting it on repeat, I am loving it too. I guess K-Pop songs are just that addictive. For me, these two songs sometimes remind me of the music of their senior, 2NE1. There are some parts that are quite familiar, but it does make sense because they're from the same agency.

Can't wait to see more of Black Pink music in the future.


Pokemon Go

This game is finally released in Indonesia! I was so excited and downloaded it instantly! The next day, my friends and I went pokemon hunting together while hanging out. For the kind of person like me, who loves and obsessed about collecting stuff, then you'll totally love this game. I am smiling so brightly everytime I catch a new pokemon that hasn't been registered to my Pokedex before.


This chat and messaging app is super fun! I just discovered it this month and I've been loving it. There are a lot of games in this app that you can play while chatting with your friends on a group. You can google more to find out about the games that are available, but I assure you that you and your friends will totally have a lot of fun with this app.

Instagram Stories

This month, Instagram launched Instagram Stories. It's sort of the Instagram version of Snapchat. I've been loving it, but for a different reason. I've been enjoying using Instagram Stories to see my friends' stories, since it has more features, like to go view the previous story again. However, I still love Snapchat a little bit more to capture my stories. Thankfully, Instagram Stories still allows you to upload the photos and videos you take for the last 24 hours. So, I can upload my snaps into the Instagram Stories.


Birthday Cake Oreo

One of my boyfriend's friend was going to the US, and I just couldn't help myself to ask him to bring home this Oreo for me. I've been dying to try it, since I love Oreo so much and the Birthday Cake Oreo is so famous in US. I have to say, that I love it very much. I just hope I have more than one package.

Qtela Tempe Seaweed Flavor

I like to eat tempe chips, but I've never tried the one from Qtela. I got curious and decided to buy some. Out of the three flavors available, my favorite is the seaweed one. The flavor combination of tempe and seawood is just perfectly yummy. I couldn't help to buy more.

Wing Stop

Visiting Wing Stop to get the promo they have, and turned out I enjoy their chicken wings so much. They have various flavors that you can choose, and my favorite is the Garlic Parmesan and Lemon Pepper. Totally want to go back again.

Kuko Belgian Waffle

A new waffle shop in town. Tried out some and my favorite one is the Taro and Green Tea one. However, the price is quite expensive for a snack. So, I think I will only but it for special occasions.

Krip Krip Tortilla

I always love tortilla chips, so I just need to try this! It's delicious, I especially love the Nacho Cheese one. However, I think Happytos is still slightly better for the original corn flavor.

Baymax Bao

I always wanted to try this Baymax bao and I'm glad I was finally able! The taste is okay for me, but the shape is just too cute to resist. It took me a longer time to take a picture of it, than actually eating it :p


Blue Rose 

I went to graduation the other day, and found this rose left behind on a table. I did ask some people whether it's theirs, but since no one claimed it, I decided to take it home since it's too beautiful :)

So, these are some things memorable from this August. I can't wait to see what September has to offer!
See you next month! :D

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