Youtube Channels to Keep You Healthy

August 07, 2016

Hello everyone!

Healthy lifestyle is everywhere right now. There are  more shops that sell healthy food, there are even caterings that will prepare healthy meals for you daily. People are going to the gym and there are more marathon events than ever. It's a good thing that all of these are happening because you can see that people are willing to take a better care of their bodies now.

But, hey, this lifestyle isn't  cheap. The organic food, the gym membership, fitness equipment, etc, they're all really expensive. How can a young people like me who barely have any savings and income do it?

Thanks to the internet, we now have the best resources to almost everything! Now I want to share some channels I found on Youtube that really make me love doing this healthy lifestyle and keep me motivated. The best part is I don't have to spend that insane amount of money to be healthy.


Want to exercise more? Who said that you can't exercise at home? I will totally go to this channel to have a workout: Blogilates! The founder/instructor, Cassey, is such a friendly and positive woman who will keep talking to you while you're doing one of her pilates videos. I find it really helpful to listen to her talks, since it's keeping myself quite distracted from the pain that is happening on my muscle. 

She has a monthly workout calendar that you can follow daily if you're subscribed to her blog newsletter. So, you don't need to wonder what workout to do today because they're all set for you. I've been loving pilates more since I've been doing Blogilates. I find that pilates is not as scary as I thought it was. It's fun! Try this one out if you're curious:

You can also find recipe videos on her channel. She's having a Cheap Clean Eats series which will help you having cheap and healthy meals made at home, just like this one:

Seems like fun to you? Check out her blog and subscribe to her newsletter there to start your healthy lifestyle with the Blogilates community! :)

The other workout channel that you will love is POPSUGAR Fitness. Make sure to also check it out! ;D

Another Youtube channel that I love is:

Niomi Smart

I love Niomi! She's so pretty, friendly, and her dedication to live a healthy lifestyle is really inspiring to me. I love it when she shares her knowledge about fitness and healthy food like this one:

She also lets you see the meals that she has in a day:

She has recipe videos and she's also about to release her healthy cookbook, Eat Smart. 

Niomi and her friends also have a business called Sourcedbox which is a subscription box that will come every month with a lot of healthy snacks inside. I really wish I can subscribe to one, but it's not available in Indonesia yet and it's quite expensive I guess. For now, I just enjoy watching those various kind of healthy snacks that are apparently available. I just love to watch the videos of her friends, Zoe and Alfie, opening up their Sourcedbox (start from around 14:15). It's so fun to see what's in the box every month!

She's such a role model to live a healthy lifestyle. She inspired me to try and take a better care of my body.  Another person that is also my role model in this healthy lifestyle thing is 

Anna Sacconejoly

You may know her from the Sacconejolys channel, but she also has her own channel with a lot of healthy lifestyle inspiration too. You can see her workout routine with her instructor, Lucy, and also she has a series of What I Eat Wednesday. 

And if you know her background story of eating disorder, you will be proud to see her and her lifestyle right now. She's also one inspiring woman to me.

Those are a few inspirational channels that I found on Youtube that will help you keep motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. It's not really easy honestly, because temptations are everywhere. But it's okay to try it little by little.

Have an inspiring Sunday, friends:)

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