Food Travel // CNY Feast at Mister Donut & Laopan!

February 12, 2017

As Cap Go Meh is already over, then the celebration of Chinese New Year is finally come to an end. However, today I'm gooing to take you back and see the foof that I' m enjoying during the celebration of 2017 Chinese New Year 😃🏮

I began the day with taking photos of these lovely candies and cookies. We were entering rooster year, that's why you would see a lot of rooster stuff as the celebartion day were coming.

In the late afternoon, my family and I were visiting our relatives in Surabaya. Then after few hours of good talk, we then went to Ciputra World, as my relatives' house is very close to the mall.

Knowing that there was this new donut store in this mall, called Mister Donut, I just thought that this was a perfect opportunity to finally try it out! I'd seen this brand in Jakarta before, but I didn't really explore it. So, it was my chance!

Here's how the store looked like:

This is how the menu board looked like.
You can see that they had a lot of variety of donuts. There was this mochi donut, cake donut, etc. They also had some beverages to accompany your donuts. I haven't tried any, but hopefully I'll try one someday 😊

The tables looked very comfy to me, maybe because of the store's warm vibe. I would really love to sit, but most of my family members were already in the next restaurant, so I just brought my donuts home.

My mother was getting a promo text for these donuts. Therefore, we only paid IDR 60k instead of 75k for one dozen of these yummy donuts! Yipeee! 😆

These are the photos I took the next day. My favorite out of all of these is the Green Tea Old Fashion donut. But I truly enjoyed trying each of them 😋

Back to the CNY day. My family were already waiting for dinner at Laopan while my mother and I were buying donuts. After we were done with the donuts, we got to this Chinese Food Restaurant and there were already menus on the table.

These are the food we ordered:

I really love everything! But mostly, I enjoyed the salted egg chicken so much!
And of course, I just needed to take a flatlay photo for my Instagram 😋

So, basically that was everything that was happening during this year's CNY. Hope you've been having a great one, if you have been celebrating as well!

See you on my next post!
Have a lovely Sunday! 😙

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