Favorites // February 2017

February 28, 2017

Wow! Don't you feel like February just flew by so fast? Maybe because it's the month with the least days, but it did feel like suddenly it's March already.

A lot of things happened though in this shortest month of the year. There were also a lot of things that I've been enjoying! Let's just get through all of them one by one 😁


This month I've been loving a lot of songs, one of the song that I really enjoy at the beginning of the month was Red Velvet's new single: Rookie. When I first listened to it, my first honest thought was: "What is this song? It's too strange for my taste!" But I decided to watch the music video all over again because it is so nice, the song just got stuck into my head, and I ended up loving it and keep playing it.

Another new song from my other favorite girl group, Twice! I was so eager to listen to their newest song called Knock Knock, and I just fell in love with it on my first listen.

Have you ever watched Pretty Little Liars? If you have, then you must have recognized Keegan Allen who played Toby on the series. Don't you know that he released this song called Million Miles Away and he actually has a nice soothing voice? Wow, I never knew it before! Just love this song because it's so soothing and calming. If you love that kind of song, then you should check it out!

Here's another new song by the one and only, Ed Sheeran! I do love Shape of You and Castle on the Hills, but I was just jumping with joy on the inside when I heard this song called How Would You Feel! It's just the old Sheeran right there!

Now, we're heading to Soundtrack town! This next song is just a new version of the song True Colors sang by Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick! I loved this song before, but after watching the film and saw how the lyrics got implemented into the story line, the song's meaning just got deeper and I fell in love with it again.

One more song that I love from this movie was this song called Get Back Up Again by Anna Kendrick. This song is just so positive  and funny at the same time. If you need some dose of positive energy then I recommend you to watch this clip below:


Alright, so the first film that I enjoyed so much this February was Trolls. It's an animated film by DreamWorks and it was such a fun film to watch! It also has a really great message that you don't need to find happiness anywhere else, because you already have it within you. If you're looking for a great animation film with great message and funny characters, then you're gonna enjoy this film :)

This month, I decided to have another Netflix subscription, and luckily I got a one-month free trial! I used to love watching Gilmore Girls so much! However, I only ever watched the first season, and now it has a new mini series called  Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! That's why I've been re-watching this series again on Netflix, and so far I'm now on the second season. Gosh, I just love the mother-daughter relationships in this series.


As you must have known, I always have another post for my food adventure. I will only give you preview of some of my favorite food in February:

This is it for now. Don't worry though, because more exciting posts are coming to you pretty soon!

See you on my next post! Happy last day of February!

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