Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2017


It's that one day of the year to express all your love, isn't it a beautiful day?

I always find myself getting so exciting to plan for the festive days like this. Even a month ago I already daydreamed about how I will spend the day with my boyfriend, and what I will get him. However, Valentine's Day should not be only about the couples.

There are so many kind of love, like your love for your parents, siblings, friends, pets, etc. That's why I tried so hard to give something for everyone this year, just to show how much I care about their roles in my life. It surely will feel good to make someone feel loved on this special day, won't it?

There is also this one kind of love that is actually really important yet often forgotten. The love for your own self. It doesn't mean you can spoil yourself and become so selfish though. It's more like knowing what's best for yourself.

You can be your worst critic of yourself. Let's take some time today, and yhink about what you love about yourself. Also, think about how you can improve yourself to better than what you are now. I think this positive mindset will do wonder for yourself, rather than those negative critique you have in your mind or from others.

Let's start this Valentine's Day with a lot of love for everyone, including yourself!
Hope you'll be having a lovely day full of love! 💖

See you on my next post! 😁

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