Food Travel // January 2017

February 23, 2017

Hello everyone!
It's been more than a week since my last post. So, here I am, back with my January Food Travel stories!

As you might have known, I started off the year in Bali, where I enjoyed this delicious noodles from Mie Jazz:

If you want to read the complete story of my end-of-the-year trip to Bali, you can check out my Travel Diary posts on these links: Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3

After coming back from Bali, my mother and few of my other family members were also just coming back from Singapore! They brought lots and lots of tasty snacks that I just couldn't resist. Here are some of my favorites that I would recommend you to try:

These food are literally made me feel like I was in a food heaven. Good times.. 😄

Other than those snacks, my mom and little brother also bought me some interesting stuff from Daiso Singapore (I know it's not food, but some are still food-related, so here they are 😜):

Just a few weeks later, my mom went to Jakarta again, because my little sister needed to compete in a competition at BSD City. Guess what she brought home, more food for us to enjoy! These are my favorites:

At the beginning of this year, I just really craved for Yammie from Top Noodle out of a sudden. Here I was with my boyfriend, enjoying the noodles with some veggies and dimsum to finally put an end to my craving.

At the same day, we also tried out this new cheese tart called Hokkaido Baby!

I've written a review about it that you can read here.

At the end of the month, I also got a chance to try out the chocolate flavor and it was just as good as the matcha one. Those two are my favorite flavors so far! 😋

In January, I also visited this cute new cafe/restaurant in town called Sumoboo!

You should have agreed that the design is just so cute, right? You can find out more about it here 😉

If you've been following my Food Travel journey, then you would've known about my obsession towards Starbucks. They just released new drinks in January again! And it's salted caramel with cookie crumble! How could they just combine my two most favorite ingredients together? It's insane! Of course, I had to try it!

The photos above are taken when I tried the drink for the first time with my family (my mom also had the new Rooster Year card, lol). While, the pictures below are the photos I took while I was working on a blog post with my boyfriend by my side, who's also working as well. I used the coupon I got from my Starbucks planner to buy these two delicious drinks. They're just really yummy. Like, really, really nice. Loved it!

This month, I also missed Marugame Udon so much. That's why, I ended up visiting this restaurant and had the Chicken Katsu Curry Udon. Yum! Just writing about it, making me drool again.

I was also finally able to do some karaoke with my friends! Because of the new rules at the karaoke place, we needed to order minimum 2 things from the menu, so we just ordered these yummy sinful fries.

You should know that I love wandering around supermarket, searching for all the food that I haven't tried. One day, I just stumbled across this green tea chocolate rice crispy bar. I was really confused though, like, is it counted as healthy food or is it just an ordinary chocolate with rice crispy on it?

Oh well, I just bought and ate it though. It was actually quite nice.

Yet this month I got another food as a souvenir, here is the onigiri that my friend brought from Japan:

If someone gave me this last year, I might cringe. However, since I've grown to love nori and sushi, I just enjoyed it freakin' much.

This month, I was lucky enough to try out all of these food for work and my most favorite of them all is the Salmon Dynamite. Well, honestly I love them all, but if I need to choose one, that one was really superbly nice.

Another food souvenir alert! This one is from Thailand (as you might have guessed from the writing on the packaging). I always love to eat chocolate balls with biscuit in it! 😋

Once again, I was visiting Patbingsoo this month. A close friend of mine was coming back from Taiwan, so we just gathered and had these really nice food.

My favorite? Of course it's the cheese tteokbokki and also the caramel bingsoo!

This January was all about Chinese New Year. Some friends of mine were asking me to join in a pre-CNY dinner at Shaburi.

It's an all-you-can-eat restaurant with lots of great food. You can find out more about it here 😃

After all the waiting, Chinese New Year was finally here! I must tell you that it was a day full of great food! Just check out these photos:

Seems tempting? Check out my complete story about my day here.

I want to give a shout out to these delicious cookies I bought at Pasar Atom. These two were my favorites! I kept on munching lots of it that day. Love it.

Remember my friend who just got back from Taiwan for holiday? She just went to Korea a few months ago, and she brought us even more food souvenirs from South Korea! Gosh, this month I really got a lot of food from many different places, huh?

This banana snack was just freakin' yummy! It made me miss the banana milk so much.

These ones aren't the souvenirs, these are just the cakes my friends had while we were sitting and chatting at Tous les Jours.

If you're guessing that the bag was full with the food souvenir from Korea, then you just guessed it right!

These two are the snacks that  brought home.
I never knew they had choco cookie Pepero! Yes, it was really delicious and I really wish I could have some more right now! The other snack I had was the green tea cookie from Farm on the Road. I tried out the chocolate cookie once, and I enjoyed it just as much as this green tea one. I guess I just love snacks from Lotte so much.

So, that's all from January!
There were a lot of interesting stuff happening this February that I believe you would like to look forward to the upcoming Food Travel posts! 😆

See you on my next post! Have a great day!

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