Travel Diary // Bali #1

January 21, 2017

Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3 (coming soon)

I had never planned to have a journey to Bali at the end of 2016. But, somehow it did happen.

It's that kind of spontaneous trip you have once in a while and I'm just lucky enough that Bali is not far away from where I'm currently living. So we basically just had a road trip (and a ferry trip) to Bali.

We basically start our journey at midnight and by morning we're already at the ferry, floating across the Bali Strait. The morning breeze was such a refreshment after a long-hour drive through East Java.

Our very first destination when we arrived in Bali was to Negara, and we had an affordable Babi Guling there. It's pretty cheap and quite delicious, but on the other day of my trip I found a much better one. Stay tuned for more details on that ;)

After we had our brunch, we then directly headed to our hotel, which was Hotel Lusa at Kuta. The first time I saw the gate, I realized how traditional this hotel was. It might be interesting for foreigners though.

I booked a room with a fan, not AC. Why? Because it's half the price! Since, it's such a spontaneous trip, I tried so hard to push the budget down. I just paid around 370k for a three-night stay here, because I split the bill with one of my friends that stayed with me in this room. It was really cheap, considering it's really close to Kuta Beach and I was only there to sleep and spent most of the days in town.

Unfortunately our room was the furthest one compared to the other rooms that my friends had. This room was in the third floor, and we used stairs to climb up because they didn't have elevator. This is how the room looked like:

It wasn't really clean, but it was comfortable enough. The fan was also surprisingly quite chilly that I can sleep well without waking up with sweat all over my face. My most favorite part about this room is the balcony:

It's so refreshing to feel the breeze and see the view from the balcony :)

After we had our rest for a while, we then had an evening walk at Beachwalk and had our sinful dinner at Burger King. That's the end of our very first day in Bali.

On the next day, we had breakfast at our hotel. This is how the view looked like from the place:

It was quite a nice vibe there, don't you think?

For our breakfast, we had to choose the one from this menu:

For this very first day, I chose to have Toast with Butter & Jam with Hot Tea. We also got fruit salad that made me so full.

We're done with our breakfast, so we're ready for our next adventure!

On the second day, we rented a car and went to Tanah Lot, but it took ages to get there because of the traffic! Thankfully, we were still able to get there and took some pictures of the temple and ocean.

It wasn't really my first time here, and this place is still packed with tourists like always.

Here is a photo of me and my boyfriend at the gate to the temple. I really love the dress I was wearing ;)

We had a lot of fun taking pictures at Tanah Lot and decided it's time to find some food. We already bought packages to eat at New Furama Restaurant at Jimbaran, so we directly went there.

It was supposed to be our lunch, but then it became our lunch/dinner because of the traffic.

The seafood looks so freakin' awesome, doesn't it! The one I loved the most was the fish. It's not fishy and it tasted great! 

If you eat at Jimbaran, you'll be able to eat while enjoying the view of the beach. There are lots and lots of restaurants here, so you can choose the one that you like. However, the food here is quite pricey. I suggest you to look it up on the internet to find the restaurants that will fit you and your wallet best :D

At night, we decided to headed to Beachwalk again since it's just so close from our hotel. I also decided to buy something from Bath & Body Works (since they were having a 60% discont for their products): a scented candle, a small one though. It was my very first ever buy at this store because it doesn't have any branch in Surabaya, and I was having a lot of fun choosing the candle with a scent that I love :D

I ended up buying a Marshmallow Fireside small scented candle. It smells just like I was roasting a marshmallow in my room! :D

Honestly, I love this one more:

I found it on our very first visit the day before. It smelled so good, that I wanted to eat it! That's just how awesome the smell was. However, I was hesitated to buy it though, and on my next visit it was already gone. Too bad.

So, this is the very first part of my Bali Travel Diary series. This one doesn't feature a lot of culinary adventures but the next one will! So, make sure to read the next chapter of this story because it will come to you really soon!

Have a nice weekend everybody! :D

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