Favorites // January 2017

January 31, 2017

Today is finally the last day of January! It felt just like yesterday I was celebrating New Year in Bali, and now February is coming 😲

As January has come to an end, it's time for another Favorites post. Let's see what I've been loving this January! 😉


There were some songs that I've been addicted to this month, but the song I played the most was this song called Beautiful by Crush. It's part of Goblin OST, and it has a really soothing sound that made me feel so calm and happy throughout this January! 😊

Another song from Goblin OST that I loved was Stay With Me by Chanyeol of EXO and PUNCH. Somehow Korean songs tend to be addictive once you keep on repeating it. I don't know why.

I wasn't really into it at first, but as I kept listening to it on the drama, I fell in love with the song.

This next song is a song by Tori Kelly. So, she did this song featuring Ed Sheeran, called I Was Made For Loving You and it's beautiful.

This one is a classic: Swear It Again by Westlife. I never realized it has the sweetest lyrics until just recently. Now I can't unheard those beautiful words anymore 😊


As you probably might have guessed, I'd been watching Goblin / Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and I loved that drama! I just couldn't stop watching it and kept streaming it until the very last episode available. For me, the ending is just what a hopeless romantic like me would've hoped for. That's all I'm going to say. For more, you can watch the trailer below, or watch the drama by yourself 😁

Here's the trailer:

Another TV Show that I'd been enjoying in January was Sherlock. I know, it's FINALLY BACK!

After years of waiting, I think the three episodes are really satisfying. I always love how Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock and he just did so good on this newest series.

Check out the trailer of Sherlock's 4th season:


I forgot to add this item on my December Favorites, so I'm going to put it here, since I'm still loving it anyway 😃

It's this purple bag that I bought on my last visit to Makassar. It just has the nicest accessories and such a compact size. I enjoyed bringing it anywhere now. It also has so many pockets inside, which is my number one requirement to be my greatest bag ever!

I am also in love with this cute fluffy key chain. No, it's not the expensive one (it's under IDR 100k), but it's still really soft and nice! :D

Another fashion item that I love this month is these new shoes of mine:

Most of my sandals are practically broken, so it's nice to have a pair of new one. I bought it at Payless and there was a 40% discount for this item! You won't believe how happy I was about that! Besides, don't you think the gold coppery color is just so nice? :D


Since it's January, it's time to have a new planner! Or in my case planners :p

These are the planners I've been using for 2017:

This first one is the one I got from Gogirl Magazine! This year they have a really great planner that I truly love. I use this one for my office matters.

While for this one, I got it from Starbucks Coffee. I topped up my Starbucks Card and got this beautiful planner. I use this one for my personal matters and daily life.


I never planned on buying this, but I did wish to have one.
One day, my father just bought a tablet for me and my little sister! I am really thankful for it! And this is the one thing that I've been so attached to lately.


Another event worth mentioning is Chinese New Year! I didn't really prepare much for this year's CNY, but somehow I quite regret it. For example, I didn't have any outfit that resembled this tradition, I just wore anything that I found in my wardrobe. Thankfully my mother still bought all those cookies that I love and I was also given some candies. I promise, next year I'm gonna do a lot more preparation for it!

I just realized how amazing this tradition is. It's the time of the year for all the family members to gather together and celebrate something together. It felt really heartwarming somehow.


You know I have my Food Travel posts to cover anything about food, so I won't say too much here. However, I will definitely give you a sneak peek of my favorite food and drink that I had in January. Here you go:

So, here you have it! The coverage of everything I love in January.
Hopefully there will be more things to love in February (since it's the month of love anyway :p).

See you on my next post! :D

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