Travel Diary // Bali #3

February 07, 2017

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We're finally at the last chapter of my Travel Diary to Bali!
If you haven't read my previous posts, then maybe you may want to click the links above :D

Alright, let's continue!

When the clock struck midnight, I was on Kuta Beach enjoying fireworks with other hundreds of people (or even thousands? I'm not quite sure, it's just a lot! 😛), and of course I was also with my friends. The fireworks were really stunning. I was amazed for quite some time and just kept staring at those beautiful sparkly flowers on the night sky.

After quite a while, we decided to just go back to our hotel, since the tides rose really quickly at the beach. It took a good amount of times to go back to our hotel, even though it's not that far away from the beach. It was so hard for us to walk, because there were people everywhere. I was totally happy when we were finally arrived in front of our hotel. Phew, what a night.

We just headed to our room and went to bed. We needed to check out from hotel tomorrow and continued our journey back to Surabaya by car. So, yes, we indeed needed our rest.

When the morning came, I just took a shower and packed all of my things. Then, I still had breakfast before we checked out of the hotel. I had these fried noodle, coffee, and fruits:

After we're finally on the car, we headed to Pie Susu Dhian to buy even more food to bring back home.

The price of the pie susu here is much more cheaper than the one I bought at Krisna, and you can choose whether you want to buy 10, or 25, or even 50! If you want to buy pie susu, I recommend you to just visit this place. I decided to buy 10 more with the combination of original and chocolate cheese flavors.

You can also find other kind of food besides pie susu here (look at the background of my photo), but since I'd bought some, I decided not to buy anything anymore.

On with the next stop, we decided to have some lunch before we headed to the harbor. We just chose the place randomly, and we saw this place called Mie Jazz. I don't really remember where it is, but the food was quite great here.

My friends and I decided to share some food together, and we ordered this Mie Spesial Komplit and Nasi Goreng Lap Chiong. I didn't have much expectation of the food at first, but when I smelled the food it was actually really appetizing. When I finally tasted it, I could really tell that it actually tasted good! I ate them all so happily :)

After we finished lunch, we directly went to Gilimanuk Harbor and sailed across to the Java Island. There was some traffic, but it didn't take that long until we could drive smoothly again. We arrived in Surabaya at around 4 am, and that's just how our journey ended.

Now, let me show you some things I bought in Bali:

I felt pretty ridiculous buying this herbal drink called Segar, but it's said to be able to help you lose some weight. Few of friends bought it from our last trip to Bali in 2015, and it kind of worked on them. So, I just bought it out of curiosity, and apparently I did lose 1,5 kg after drinking the whole bottle of it, but I surely made some stops to the toilet for that. Well, it really worked I guess.. :D

The obvious food I bought was these delicious pie susu. I love the chocolate cheese one just as much as I love the original one. Practically, I just love them so much!

My other favorite snack from Bali is Kacang Koro, and yes I bought it indeed. I could munch this all day long if no one stop me. I always prefer the original flavor though. I just love that tasty salty taste of it.

Here are some food that I bought from Krisna, there were these pias with chocolate and pandan flavor. I also bought some peanuts because my family just love peanuts. They're all really yummy for me!

I guess this the end of my Travel Diary post for my year-end trip to Bali.
I just can't wait to travel to more places this year!
See you on my next post! 😃

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