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January 08, 2017

Happy New Year!
And yes, I'm finally back again!
I'm sorry for being gone for a while. I just had my year end vacation to Bali, then I got sick, so, I didn't really have time to post anything, until now!

Well, it's quite late already, but I want to share my favorite food that I had while I was in Makassar in early December. So, here they are:

I know it's pretty ridiculous to have Martabak and Terang Bulan in Makassar, but they do taste slighly different than the ones I have in Surabaya. So, every time I go to Makassar, I'd like to have some of these sinful yet delicious food :D

The fried rice and noodles in Makassar are also different too. Mainly because they will have lap cheong (pork sausage) and pork in the food. You should definitely try these if you can eat pork. My favorite ones are from this restaurant called Hong Lek.

Why come to Makassar when you don't try Pangsit Mie Ujung Pandang? It's one of the most famous food from Makassar and I love it so much! I just need to have it every time I come back to this hometown of mine.

For those of you who are confused, yes, Makassar and Ujung Pandang are the same place. The name just kept changing in the past, but now the city is officially called Makassar, not Ujung Pandang anymore.

I also had this noodle at my cousin's wedding reception at Bambuden III Restaurant and I freakin' loved it! It's called Lo Mie Noodle with Char Siew Meat and Crispy Skin Dumpling. I ate this one the most out of all the meals served that night.

Another famous dish from Makassar is Sop Saudara. I had this one at Panakkukang Mall. Other than this dish, I also had Pisang Ijo:

The only food missing was Coto Makassar. That's okay though, I can have it the next time I visit Makassar again :D

For snacks, here are some of my favorite ones:

Look at those gigantic Bakwan Goreng! It's pretty hard to bite but they're really yummy! :D

I also love these:

If you're looking for a snack souvenir from Makassar, I think Kacang Ayam will be the best choice. They have A LOT variety of peanuts that you can choose. See them for yourself:

That's my short story of the food adventure that I had in Makassar. I hope it will be useful to some of you who want to know about the food in Makassar, and see you on my next post! :D

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