Food Travel // Sumoboo

January 27, 2017

Welcome to another Food Travel post!
Today it's all about this new place in Surabaya called Sumoboo! You can find this cute restaurant at Galaxy Mall for the moment, but soon it will have a branch at Pakuwon Mall too! Exciting! 😄

The visual of this place is just so cute. I love it so much! 😍

These are the food that we ordered:

My boyfriend and I ordered this Buta Naked Ramen (IDR 45k) which is pork ramen. While our friend had Karagee Don (IDR 38k). For dessert we had Sumoboo Dessert and Sumoboo Mixed Pudding. There are lots of variety for the dessert and we chose the most complete one.

The ramen had a unique and delicious taste that kept me wanting for more. However, the portion was rather small. The dessert was also awesome, especially because it got green tea ice cream 😋

I didn't really eat that much at that time, so I really wish to get back and try other things from their menu. Especially, because there were a lot of menu that weren't available yet. I think I'll just wait a few more months before going back here. Overall, Sumoboo has a satisfying taste and vibe, but it can be a little overpriced.

If you want to see the complete menu, just scroll down and enjoy the pictures of the menu that I took:

Hope you enjoy this post and see you on my next Food Travel post! 😆😊

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