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January 13, 2017

Have you ever eaten a 1 meter sushi? Well.. I must proudly say that I have! :D
But I didn't eat it alone of course.

The four of us were out for a chill evening together and decided to try this 1 Meter Sushi  from Peco Peco Sushi. Wondering how a 1 meter sushi would look like? See it for yourself:

Along with the sushi, we also got 4 glasses of hot/cold ocha. All of these will cost you IDR 300.000 before the tax.

However, you can only get this 1 meter sushi in some selected outlets of Peco Peco. So, if you want to have the sushi, you need to make sure that you're visiting one of these outlets: Surabaya (Wiyung, Merr, Margorejo, East Coast), Malang (Milis), Mojokerto, Jember, Kediri, Jakarta.

I am not really sure of the name for each sushi roll in this 1 meter sushi, but I did love them all. Especially the fried one in the middle! As you can see from the pictures above, the sushi rolls from the left and right side are just the same, so you won't need to go across the table just to get your sushi :D

It was such a great evening to just chat and enjoy ourselves while accompanied with these delicious sushi. Moreover, suddenly it was raining outside, so the vibe is just so perfect to chill :D

Do you think you will get to Peco Peco with your friends anytime soon to have the 1 meter sushi? Please tell me your story on the comment box below if you have tried this 1 meter sushi! Would really love to hear your story! :D

See you on my next post, guys! ^^

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