Food Travel // December 2016

January 15, 2017

The last month of 2016 is finally over!
Now all that is left is the stories to be told. Here are all the food I've been enjoying last December:

On December 1 I went back to my hometown in Makassar! Check out my read full story here.

I was at a supermarket when I randomly found this brand new flavor of Frisian Flag milk. Can you imagine how a coconut flavored milk would taste like? Well, for me, it tasted just fine.

I also tried out the bingsoo at new branch of Patbingsoo in Surabaya! Read more here.

It's the time when my boyfriend and I visited a sushi place without buying sushi. We had his favorite salad with jellyfish and also okonomiyaki from Suteki. Delicious!

We also decided that it was a perfect time to chill, so we visited Starbucks and had Honey Greek Yogurt from Heavenly Blush and of course my favorite Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino!

One of my friends treated us this tasty chicken from Yoshinoya! Loving it :D

I never knew that this Matcha & Espresso Fusion had already been available in Indonesia until my brother bought one. It's already on the menu board now and it's awesome! :D

My family were having a dinner at Linkafe Restaurant and I had this yummy Nasi Goreng Jawa and yes, I ate it with those chili peppers :D

In December, I also found out about this new flavor of XXL Crispy Chicken from Shihlin, the fried noodle flavor. Since, it's one of my most favorite food ever, it just made sense to try it out! It tasted somehow quite similar with Indomie Chitato, and since I also love that Chitato, of course I love this chicken too! I will order this fried noodle flavor from now on! :D

My mom was curious and finally got to try this cheesy fried chicken from KFC. It made the chicken less crispy, but those cheese lovers will totally love this.

My mom also ordered this spicy fried rice from Si Mbok. I didn't really know the name, but it has chopped chili peppers mixed within the fried rice, so it's super spicy which means it's the kind of food that I would love. I also love the fact that it has a lot of crackers as a side dish.

My aunt asked me to try this family package from Marugame Udon. You will get this enormous bowl with udon and four normal-sized-bowl of the soup. It wasn't really my favorite since the soup kind of tasted like medicine, but for those who love Japanese or Chinese traditional food that has similar taste with this one, I think you guys will love it.

I was so curious with this snack and decided to buy the small package one. This Krisbee French Fries has a pack of chili sauce inside it where you can dip your snack while enjoying it. Nice one!

A small year-end celebration with my office mates at Milk Me to be read here.

Had a mother's day feast at Banana Leaf. My favorite one out of these four dishes is the seafood fried rice. Really really love it! :D

After wanted to try it for months, I finally bought this Matcha Cornetto Ice Cream, and I would totally buy it again! :D

Had a break from shopping at Pasar Atom and enjoyed this Pangsit Mie and Nasi Goreng Ujung Pandang.

Burger King is finally available in Surabaya!! I know the name is Burger King, but the meal I love the most in this fast food restaurant is the fried chicken. Is there any of you who feels the same way? :D

Once again my mom had these delicious ice cream from Freeze Castle at PTC Food Court. 

NFC (National Fried Chicken) has already open a branch at PTC too. Have you tried it out? It's quite yummy for me.

Another fun thing that is happening this month is that I finally tried Peco Peco 1 meter sushi! Want to know the complete story? Click here!

My family and I visited X.O Cafe & Bistro too this month. I had this yummy Mie Ayam Jamur while the others had Nasi Goreng Ayam Bakar which was so delicious too!

Also, I went traveling to Bali at the end of the year! I had quite a good amount of delicious food there and a few Travel Diary posts about them are coming to you pretty soon! Just wait for them!

Here's a sneak peek of my most favorite dish that I had during my last trip to Bali: Babi Guling Pak Malen!!

So, it's the end of Food Travel post from 2016, and it's time to look forward to more exciting food to be enjoyed in 2017!
See you on my next post! And don't forget to follow my journey on my Instagram too!

Had an amazing day!

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