Food Travel // Milk Me

January 12, 2017

After considering to visit this place for a while, I finally did visit it in December! I went to the one at Ngagel Street with my office mates to have a little year-end celebration.

Didn't know what to expect, the menu was handed to me. There's such a cute cow on the back of the menu, and as I was browsing I realized that the price is really reasonable.

After looking at menu, then I ordered these:

- Susu Oreo Gede Banget (IDR 12.000)
- Crispy Chicken (IDR 20.000)
No tax.

The milk was quite good, but the Crispy Chicken was just bland. Thanks to the chili sauce I was still able to finish the meal. After tasting the food, I don't think I would come back for the food, but I would love to try the other flavors of the milk.

Even though the food wasn't enjoyable, my friends and I had a really great time here. So, it's still a really great memory after all. That's the end of the story for now. Wait for another Food Travel post which will come to you soon! While waiting just enjoy my Instagram post first ;)

See you soon!

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