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January 11, 2017

Have you ever heard of Patbingsoo?
Yes,it can be the name of Korean shaved ice cream, but the Patbingsoo I'm gonna talk about here is a Korean Dessert House with its new branch in Surabaya :)

I know it's been a while since it opened, but I was finally able to visit it last December! It's located on Kupang Indah Street and you'll be able to spot it easily because of its big signboard.

It has branches in Jakarta already and the place I visited is its first branch in Surabaya. It has a unique concept for its interior. If you enter the place, you will notice how similar it is with Korea railroad station. Even the floor is exactly similar with the one in Korea.

Other than the indoor settings, this place also has outdoor tables:

However, it was such a hot night at that time, so I decided to sit inside. Honestly, I'm not really proud of these photos I took. I know I only used my iPhone to take these pics, but the quality is usually much better than these. Somehow the lighting was quite dark in there, so my photos had a lot of noise and got blurred easily. Maybe it's better for you to visit this place at noon to get the best photos for your social media, blog, etc.

Now, you must be wondering about the food I ordered. Here they are:

- Jamsil Patbingsoo (IDR 35.000*)
- Patbingsoo Tteokbokki Without Cheese (IDR 34.800*)
- Blue Hawaii Yakult Soda (IDR 28.000*)
*The price hasn't included 5% Service Charge and 10% Tax

I was quite satisfied with the food. I just wish the patbingsoo has bigger portion though. I just want to warn you that the tteokbokki is really spicy. So, except you really love spicy food and can eat them, you might want to order something else.

Overall, I enjoyed this place so much. I was just quite surprised that the bingsoo wasn't that cheap after all those taxes. I would like to visit this place again at noon though, because there are still a few menus I wish to try.

Have you visited this place? What do you think of it? Please leave your thoughts on the comment box below!
See you on my next Food Travel adventure!

You can see the menu here:

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  1. wow..thats a complete infos on patbingsoo.. should add it in my next travel destination

    1. Hahahaa! Glad you're enjoying this post, Mira!
      Can't wait for your traveling story to Patbingsoo! ;)


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