Goodbye 2016!

January 28, 2017

Hello everyone, how's 2017 treating you so far? Well, for me it's still quite a good start. I hope it's been a great start for you too! :)

I've been thinking to write this post for a while, but I just wasn't quite sure what to write.

December 2016 wasn't really counted as a nice month. Yes, it ended beautifully with my trip to Bali. However, before that trip happened, there were a lot of complications that made me felt exhausted and sad. It made me lost my excitement for 2017. I was always excited for new year before, but not this time.

As I entered 2017 and tried to look back at all the things that happened in 2016, I found something.
I finally discovered that 2016 wasn't such a bad year after all. It was just a matter of point of view.

in 2016...

I traveled quite a lot. I even had my very first traveling abroad experience with my boyfriend, which was so much fun. I also managed to go back to my hometown in Makassar again after years not visiting it.

I started documented my life intensely on my blog and diary. So, now I can open them up and look at things I've done in 2016. I even won a blogging competition by Gramedia once. Well, I just won the third place, but still, it was still a great achievement.

I made lots of new friends, which was really exciting! I can't wait to see how these friendships will grow.

I started to work in a company that is so welcoming and I've had a great experience so far.

I finally hit 1k followers on Instagram (I know it's not really important, but it did make me proud because I worked quite hard for it).

I also learned that life is so full of precious moments that sometimes don't get enough recognition. Most of the time we just get caught in our hectic schedule/work/deadlines/life/etc, that we forget to just stop for a little while and actually enjoy our surroundings and what we're doing.

I learned to not letting any moment just pass me by. That's why I take a lot of random pictures on my phone. Just to remind me of what happened in that one particular moment of my life.

Now I remember that every moment that occurred in 2016 is precious.
No matter how bad or good it made me feel.

I just focused on the bad things too much, that I accidentally removed all the happy memories in my mind. That is just one huge mistake.

Now I have a reason to write this post. I write it to remind myself to keep looking at the bright side. Don't let those crappy moments overshadow the shiny cheerful moments. Stop focusing too much on the sorrowful things, and remind yourself to remember about the joyful things too. Sometimes, I still need a good gentle reminder like this because I'm still human after all.

I also wish to help you realize how much our mindset can affect out mood and behaviors. That's why I hope you will always choose to stay positive. Being positive will bring much more happiness and make your days become more radiant and meaningful.

After realizing all these, now I'm ready to say goodbye to 2016, and start feeling hopeful and excited for 2017 again!

Let's wish for an amazing 2017 together. Miserable things might still happen this year, but let's believe that even much more awesome things will happen in 2017 too!

Have a lovely year everyone!
And Happy Chinese New Year for you too! ^^

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