Food Travel // Demandailing

November 08, 2016

Have you read my last post about my visit to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale? Well, that story hasn't ended yet. Here's the story after I finished my 6-to-7-hour book hunting.

My friends and I were so tired and desperately wanted to just chill somewhere. Other than that, there was also this one friend who wanted to join us after our visit to this book sale. So, we just visited a cafe nearby to just chill and relax after such a fun yet kind of tiring day. We chose to visit Demandailing Cafe at Jemursari Street. It's just around the corner of JX Expo (the venue of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale).

The waiter who greeted us wasn't that friendly. The place was full at that moment, but he didn't offer any solution for it. It's as if he just wanted us to leave. So, I was kind of pissed off at first, but then we decided to just wait on the table outside. Then a few minutes later, another waiter was asking how many seats do we need, and she said she's going to inform us if there's any table ready. I was happier at that time.

Not long after that, we're finally inside! Then we ordered these delicious food (and drink):

- Green Tea CNC + whipped cream (IDR 25k + 3K = IDR 28k)
- Japanese Vegetable Curry with Chicken Katsu - WOW Size (IDR 54k)
- Strawberry WOW Mille Crepes (IDR 45k)
- Choco Lava WOW Pancake (IDR 29k)
*Prices are before tax

The Japanese Curry wasn't really that special to me. I've tasted better. However, the Green Tea CNC is my ultimate favorite. I was just quite disappointed with the cashier, because he didn't inform me that I would be needing to pay extra IDR 3k for the whipped cream. I thought the price was going to be the same, so I chose to have whipped cream. If I knew it beforehand, I wouldn't want to have the whipped cream. Fyi, the cashier was the same person as the waiter who first greeted us. So, I wasn't quite surprised.

The mille crepes was nice. The pancake tasted a lot like 'Terang Bulan', but I loved it so much. I really enjoyed both of these desserts.

Overall, I really enjoyed the place. I felt super cozy there. The other waiters were really friendly (except for that one waiter), they said thank you and smiled at us while we're leaving which is really nice. I will totally come back again, just to have a sip of the Green Tea CNC! :D

There will be one more story before I summarize everything in October Food Travel post. See you on the next post! Don't forget to follow my adventure on my Instagram too!

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