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November 27, 2016

Hello everyone!

So at the beginning of this month, still into the birthday vibe, I had another birthday celebration with my boyfriend's close friends. There were three people who celebrated birthday in October within this circle, including me, of course. So, we decided to celebrate our birthdays together at this Chinese food restaurant called Lin's Garden.

This restaurant located at Kartini Street, Surabaya. We already reserved a place to make sure we had a place to celebrate our birthdays. The vibe of this restaurant is similar to any other Chinese food restaurant generally. It has Chinese-themed decor, the spinning table, and of course the Chinese food. Here are some food that we ordered at that time:

Mie Goreng Ala Lin's Garden
Sapo Tahu
Nasi Goreng Lin's Garden
Gurami Asam Manis
Ayam Goreng Saus Lemon
Daging Sapi Masak Lada Hitam
Po Cai Jamur Enoki
Cah Baby Buncis Cabe Garam
Love the chili sauces :)
Chinese Tea

For me, the price at this restaurant wasn't that expensive compared to other Chinese food restaurants. The price on the menu book was the price for the medium-sized dish, and it was already plentiful for us. The taste of the food is also great! I especially love the black pepper beef and the stir fried veggies.

Of course birthday parties won't feel complete without a cake. So, our friends bought us a cake:

It was so delicious, because the cake was layered with Ovomaltine fillings inside, and look at all those sweets above! Crazy right? This cake is from Penta Roti Oishi.

So, that is my short story about our little gathering earlier this month. If you want to know the complete menu and package of Lin's Garden Restaurant, you can check out the packages here and see the complete menu here.

Have a great Sunday everyone! :D

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