Food Travel // October 2016

November 20, 2016

Hello everyone!

Guess it's time to look back to my Food Travel journey in October! I know, I know, it's been halfway through November, but better late than never, right? (such an excuse for people who love to procrastinate :p). I'm pretty sure it's gonna be quite a long post again, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Maybe next month I will come up with a way to make it shorter. Maybe.. :p

Okay, I'll just start right away!

Here's the first sweet drink I had in October:

It's DUM DUM Thai Drink! My boyfriend and I ordered Dum Dum Thai Iced Tea (20k) and Dum Dum Thai Iced Green Tea (22k), but we both prefer the green tea one. You can see the booth on the background of the photo above. We were visiting a market at Galaxy Mall Surabaya then decided to try these drinks. After done visiting the market, we had dinner with our friends at Pizza Hut:

I always most likely to order Sensasi Delight package, so I did! I really recommend to order this package if you want to enjoy Pizza Hut but with lower budget. My friends also ordered some pizza, but since I'm not a big fan of pizza, I just think it's similar to any other pizza.

My boyfriend just got back from Thailand last September, and he brought some food from there. The very first one he gave me was this:

It's Tom Yum Chocolate, and the taste is just.. well, let's just say I'm not a fan of it. The other things that he brought and I love are these:

I really love and enjoy the compact size of the Matcha Latte Milk, it's sweet and yummy!

You can honestly find Tong Garden Peanuts at some supermarkets in Surabaya, but the one he brought from Thailand has a bigger package. If you love salty food or peanuts, then you'll love this one.

I had a Sunday ritual with Samyang Noodles. I used to eat it while watching We Got Married every Sunday. I can't really stand really spicy food, but I love them, including this one.

Fell in love with these breads from Tous Les Jours. My most favorite one was Chocolate Real Milk Cream bread. Yum!

My mother found this Samyang snack that I never knew exist. It's similar to 'Mie Remes', one of those amazing childhood snacks that I used to love. It's really spicy, but it's just an okay taste for me.

Just found out the name of this mysterious and delicious yellow rice! Check out my complete story of Nasi Kuning Avon here :)

Never really interested on trying out this snack/cereal called Crunch, but then my mom bought lots of it. So, I just decided to try one and I love it. At the end of the month, I just found out that it also has a Chocolate Orange flavor! Oh my gosh! Love it! :D

Had some ice cream at Chick 'n Roll! The ice cream on the right called Choco Loco. It's really chocolaty, but I just didn't find anything special on the taste.

This Wall's Oreo Cookies Cream is one of my favorite ice cream! And when your loved one bought one for you when there's no special occasion, the taste is just getting much more sweeter :D

Found this Montego Choco Chips Green Tea Cookies at Ranch Market and decided to try it. It's nice, but I would've loved it more if the cookies had contained stronger green tea flavor.

I also finally tried out this meat from Ranch Market. Read the full story here.

October was the birthday month of my boyfriend! We celebrated it at this beautiful cafe and restaurant called Butter and Bean. Want to know what's happening there? Read this post ;)

Session Junkies was having a soft opening of its new branch at Kartini Street. We were enjoying a lot of food while they're all still 50% off. See what we were eating here :D

This Apple Pie from McDonald's was such a hit in October. So, of course I needed to taste it! It was great! The cinnamon and apple taste compliment each other really well. Nice one! :D

I barely share this food with you, even though I've been enjoying it for months. This is a French Fries from Ceker and Friends. I just love the thin and crispy fries :)

An office colleague gave this Paroti Crispy Toast to me. It's written that it has Special Butter Almond flavor, and yes, it's delicious.

I never expect to love this meal, but I just fell in love with it. It's Nasi Pedas from Wapo Resto Pandaan. It's so spicy that I love it so much. Also, I always love food with crackers as its bonus. Awesomeness! :D

Had a little escape after work and enjoying Carl's Jr. Burger and Fries. They're all so delicious and perfect for hanging out with friends.

I always wonder how's the taste of the food from healthy caterings, and now I know. Tried these healthy meals and drink from D'Natural. Since I've been eating red rice nowadays, I wasn't quite shocked with the meals, and I actually kind of enjoying it :)

Finally able to purchase this delicious Cookies & Cream Rhum Cookies from Mena Cookies. I really love it! I let some of my friends tried too, and they all loved it so much! Really recommended treats! It's pretty expensive though, for me.

Always love this drink from De Mandailing and finally able to visit this cafe again! Read more about it here :)

October was also my birthday month! I was so happy that some people were celebrating my birthday together! The cakes above are from Dapur Cokelat and Tous Les Jours :)

I was so surprised to see this snack! Now there is a Nacho Cheese Happytos! I love this one! If you don't really like cheese, then I don't think you'll enjoy it, because it has quite a strong cheese flavor.

This Lapis Legit from Alesha is just perfect for a little snack. As you can see, there are so many flavors too! ;)

Another product of Thailand that my boyfriend gave to me was this Nestea Thai Milk Tea. Honestly, I was just okay with it. Glad I was able to try it though :)

A special lunch to celebrate my birthday! Found out more about this special story here ;)

Had some lunch at Lao Pan and I actually enjoyed the meals here. I especially love this chili though :D

My aunt ordered Es Teler Durian from Kayu Wangi while we were at ITC. It's really enjoyable! Anyone who loves durian will definitely love this :)

And.. at the end of the month, my mom just got back from Jakarta and she brought me these! It's my favorite mochi and I really love their Wijen Hitam mochi! You should definitely try that one flavor! :D

I guess that's all for October. It was such an amazing month and I just can't wait until the next October is here again. But I think I should just enjoy November now, since things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas in November.

Hope you've been having an amazing month this far. I obviously enjoying every minute of it. You can follow my days on Instagram since I share a lot of Instagram Story posts lately. Follow me here!

See you on my next post, guys! ^^

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