Food Travel // Shang Palace

November 13, 2016

As I might have told you (for about a million times probably), October is my second most favorite month of the year! One of the reasons is because it's my birthday month. In order to celebrate my birthday, my boyfriend brought me to Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel to have a celebratory lunch :D

He bought DealJava vouchers and we got these two packages:

These are what we got from both of the package:

I'm sorry that I forgot to take the photo of the other soup. I guess I was just enjoying my food so much that I forgot :p

My boyfriend and I love the food so much. At first, we were surprised to see the portion of each food, but we ended up getting really full though. Then, of course you shouldn't forget about the birthday cake when you're celebrating birthday! Here's the cake that my boyfriend prepared for me:

He planned to ask the waiters there to bring in the cake while singing 'Happy Birthday', but unfortunately everyone was really busy at that day. So, someone whom I think is the manager there and a waiter brought the cake and said happy birthday to me instead. I was so relieved that they're all busy though. I don't think I could stand the attention, I would probably hide under my table :p

I really wish I can comeback and have another meals here, but maybe only for special occasions, because you know, it's expensive here (it's a hotel with top chefs, duh). Once in a while, it's okay to celebrate something at a place like this, it'll make the special moment becomes much more special, right? :)

So, yup, October Food Travel post is coming up next. I can't wait to share other food that I've been enjoying through October with you! Don't forget to check it out when it's already published, okay? ;)

For now, you can still enjoy my food travel experience through my Instagram profile and of course the Instagram stories.
Have an amazing Sunday! :D

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