My Top 8 Songs from Disney New Film: Moana

November 30, 2016

I don't know if you knew it already, but I'm a huge fan of Disney music. I know a lot of Disney songs that I would really like to do a Disney song challenge one day. I even have a playlist for all my favorite Disney songs, and this playlist has a lot of songs in it (maybe around 50 songs?). Now, it just feels like it's time to consider adding the songs from the newest Disney film, Moana to that playlist of mine.

The first time I heard How Far I'll Go by Alessia Cara, I wasn't quite sure if I liked it or not. But, once I really listened to the lyrics, I knew that this song is a gem. So, the more I listened to the other songs, the more familiar I got with the film. Even before watching the film, I already got the vibe of the film, and I've visualized the film as I was listening to each songs in the soundtrack album. I really fell in love with the songs and the film before I actually watched it.

Since I love the soundtrack so much, today I want to share my 'Top 8 Songs from Moana Soundtrack' with you!

8. Logo Te Pate

This song first came up in the trailer and I just love how upbeat and fun this song is. I feel like dancing whenever I listen to it :)

7. Shiny

As I first read the lyrics, I knew that this song would bring us to a classic over-dramatic Disney villain scene in the movie. It's just so catchy that I often just randomly start singing the chorus.

6. I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)

The haunting voice of Gramma Tala and Moana's self discovery are just perfect in this song. If you've watched the film, then you'll know that there is a scene when Moana's ancestors are appearing from the ocean. I just love how beautiful that scene is and it makes me love this song even more.

5. Where You Are

This song is kind of like a prologue which tell you about Moana's surroundings growing up. You get to know about the village and the characters through the lyrics of this song. It just reminded me of what 'Do You Want to Build A Snowman' did.

4. An Innocent Warrior & Know Who You Are

This song is just so soothing. I just love how calm and hypnotizing the sound of this song is. It keeps echoing inside my head sometimes.

3. You're Welcome

This song is just super funny to me! Watching it being performed at the film gave me so much pleasure and laughter. I was really surprised when I listened to Jordan Fisher's version of this song. I never imagined that this song can be changed into a soothing R&B song. Amazing! Love both versions so much.

2. We Know The Way

This song keeps playing inside my head. The 'Aue Aue' part really stuck in there for a really long time. It's such a fun song about Polynesian culture and I just love it so much!

1. How Far I'll Go

The lyrics of this song is just wow! I love it super duper much! Auli'i's strong voice and Alessia's unique voice really give a rather different vibe to both versions, but I can't stop listening to both of them. This song is really the main anthem of this film :)

So, those are some fabulous songs that I've been loving lately. I literally can't stop listening to this album even until now!

For those of you who haven't listened to the songs, I hope you'll love them.
For those of you who have listened to the songs, please tell me which one is your most favorite song.

Happy listening, everyone! :)

Make sure to read my review of Moana too, okay? ;)

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