Favorites // March 2017

March 31, 2017

Hello, guys!
Wow.. It's already the end of another month. I feel like before I know it, it will be christmas again. Thankfully I have this blog that commemorates pieces of my life that I can look back to. So, without further ado let's just jump into the things that I love this March!


There were quite a lot of songs that I love in March, for example: the whole songs in Ed Sheeran's new album ÷ (Divide). I must admit that I love the album so much that I kept on repeating for quite some time. But, if I really have to choose my favorites out of them all, they will be Perfect, What Do I Know?, and Supermarket Flowers. Spoil your ears by clicking play on these videos below:

This one is a K-Pop song that I'd been dying to listen ever since I saw the teaser video. I just never imagined that Somi and Eric Nam would make a collab! When the 유후 (You, Who?) MV popped out on my Youtube subscriptions, I simply had to watch it, and I love it so much! Eric Nam just looks awesome in the MV that I kept on tapping that replay icon at the end of the video.

Another music obsession in March is of course caused by Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack! I grew to love Ariana Grande and John Legend's version of the song Beauty and the Beast, even though I still prefer the Celine and Peabo's version.

Listening to the new version of all those classic songs that I love was really refreshing and I enjoyed it so much! However, I just couldn't help to love all the new songs that added the depth of the storyline in the film. I must, once again, admit the awesomeness of Alan Menken to create yet another Disney classic song for generations to come. Listen to the new songs: Days in the Sun, Evermore, How Does A Moment Last Forever below:

Also, have you seen this music video of Jordan Fisher and Lin-Manuel Miranda's version of You're Welcome from Moana? It's totally awesome! Been loving this version so much and never knew that they're making the music video for it! Totally surprised when it's out! The good kind of surprise though 😉

Now back to K-Pop! If you read my Favorites posts from last year, then you'll know that I was addicted to Produce 101. Recently some trainees on the program just debuted as a girl group called Pristin. It also has some familiar faces from I.O.I like Nayoung and Kyulkyung (Pinky). I've been addicted to this song called Wee Woo! Take a look at the MV and dance routine below:

The other thing that I love about this group is because Park Siyeon is in it!! She caught my attention since the day the girls on Produce 101 were doing the 5 concept stages. I love her performance of Yum Yum so much.

Now, she just comes back with more talents and prettier than ever! I just couldn't help to have a major girl crush on her this March! Check out how awesome she is from the videos below:


This March there was this one TV Series on Netflix that kept me hooked. It's called Jesus Code. Yes, it is indeed about Jesus Christ and Christianity. It's basically a documentary series about the Christian relics that had been found through out the years, such as the Shroud of Turin, Judas Gospel, etc. I found this show really fun to watch, and if you're a Christian as well, then maybe you're going to love it too.

Check out this video to have a peek of the series:

I guess you've already seen this one coming. Well, yes, I love the film Beauty and the Beast that finally came to the big screen this March! I am totally doing a review on it, so please just sit, relax, and wait for that review! All I want to say is that I watched this film in the cinema twice! So, you get the idea of how much I love this film, right? 😁

I found this film accidentally on HOOQ and I just love it! It's called All Roads Lead to Rome and it has Sarah Jessica Parker in it. It's the film with this travel and romance genre that I love. If you love Before Sunrise and Letters to Juliet then I guess you're probably going to love this one too. Just watch the trailer to see more of the film:


And.. Here are some of my favorite food this March!
There are these spicy food I had at a Manado food restaurant called Beautika:

A yummy green tea combo: Esprecielo Allure Vanilla Green Tea Latte (which I got from winning the giveaway on their Instagram) and Choco Green Tea Surabaya Snowcake (IDR 59k).

Also, an amazing anniversary dinner from My Kopi O!
I used the IDR 300k vouchers that my boyfriend and I won from Grand City Twitter contest on this dinner. So, basically we enjoyed these delicious meal for free! 😆

These are my favorite food that I had in March, but make sure to stay tune on my upcoming Food Travel posts for more details 😉

Those are all the things that I've been loving so freakin' much this March!
How is March treating you? I hope it's been a nice month to you!
Well, see you next month for yet another post on my blog!
Have a splendid last day of March everyone! 😄

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