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March 14, 2017

Happy White Day everybody!
Well, we don't really celebrate white day in Indonesia, but I think it would be a perfect timing to tell you about how my Valentine's Day went!

Most of you may be expecting me to tell how fun and romantic my date was, but I'm sorry to tell you that there is no date involves in this story.

Valentine's Day was on Tuesday which means I had work until the evening, and furthermore I was on a certain diet that I couldn't eat past 6 pm. Therefore, the no date thing was there.

Even without a proper date, didn't mean it stopped us on being romantic and showing our love. Things happened, and we just simply needed to find another way to make it worked. So, here's what I did to celebrate my Valentine's day.

First of all, I prepared these gifts for my parents and my boyfriend. It consists of homemade cookies and chocolates that I made by myself. I even made some for my co-workers too, but I failed to make it for everyone though (maybe next year I will be able to produce more 😅).

I did my best to make the gifts came out pretty and here's the final look of the gifts:

When I arrived at the office, apparently one of my co-workers was also bringing these chocolates for everybody! Yum!

You've seen my gift for my parents, and these are what my mom gave me: chocolates, Anna's snow globe that I'd been dying to have, and a nice necklace 💖

If you wonder how I gave my gift to my boyfriend, the answer is I delivered it with Go-Send via Go-Jek, and apparently he had prepared something exciting for me too! It arrived in the late afternoon at my office, and I was so thrilled and touched by the gesture! He bought me sushi! The food that I'd been craving for so long! 😍

It was a Valentine Package Sushi from Suteki Go and I got a lot of sushi accompanied with these cute Valentine toppers and decoration, the card, and of course the rose.

I was so thankful that this year's Valentine's Day was still a memorable one. Yes, I didn't really meet my boyfriend in person at that day or do anything grand, but it's their thoughts that count.

How was your Valentine's Day, guys? I hope you have a lovely memory for the day, and I'll see you on my next post! 😊

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