Food Travel // Fukudon

March 17, 2017

Hello guys! Welcome back to yet another Food Travel post of mine! 😁

So, this one is going to be about this new café called Fukudon. I never intended to visit it nor knowing about its existence, but somehow I went there. Let's just say I was kidnapped there, because these friends of mine just suddenly dragged me to this unknown place, and it was really really far from my home. Yup, it's located at San Antonio Shopping Street which is in the Pakuwon City area, East Surabaya, and my house is in the west. So, yeah, it was sort of a kidnap don't you think? 😛

When we first arrived here, we decided to check the second floor first. There was a pretty smoking room with the hanging plants (check out the photos above). Too bad, I really can't stand the smell of smoke, so there was no way I would be staying there. There was also this regular dining area which was nicely decorated, as you can see from the photos below:

When I saw these 'A' & 'Z' decoration, the first thought that came into my mind was: "Hey, don't Zoe and Alfie have those kind of things?" I guess, I've seen them in one of their vlogs somewhere. That's why I just needed to snap a photo of it and post it here (it's kinda blurry though, sorry) 😆

After we're done exploring the second floor, unfortunately we had to sit on the first floor. It's because the table that we wanted on the second floor was already reserved apparently. So, here we were, going downstairs and picked the table we were convenient with. Let's take a look of what the first floor got to offer, shall we? 😊

Alright, now it's finally time to order something. Let's see what they got here:

Now you must be wondering what we ordered, right? 😉 Since visual speaks a thousand silent words, why don't we just enjoy these photos first:

So, here's the list of food that we ordered that time:
- Mocha IDR 35.000 -
- Roasted Pork Belly with Citrus Sauce IDR 47.000 -
- Mango Soda IDR 27.000 - 
- Fukudon Black IDR 41.000 -
- Chicken Ballotine 1/2 portion IDR 40.000 -
- Fukudon Snack Sampler IDR 64.000 -
- Charcoal Toast IDR 47.000 -
*10% tax isn't included yet

The taste was good enough for me. I love the toast especially, and the chicken too. I was just quite shocked when the platter arrived at our table, mostly because I expected the portion to be much bigger. Well, maybe it had something to do with my last visit to De Mandailing. They got a really really large portion of Mix Fries, therefore it resulted with my high expectation about the portion. Silly me 😅

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that we got 30% discount at that time, yeyy! They had a promotion where you'll get 30% discount if you post a picture of their food and cafe in Instagram. We really shouldn't miss this kind of promotion, right? 😉

That was a successful kidnap story where everyone ended up with a happy full stomach. If you live or happened to be in that area, it might be worth it to visit this place. Honestly, I'm quite curious and eager to explore more food in this area though, because it seems like there are plenty of interesting food place here. Maybe I'll venture out to this area again, if I have the time and transportation 😝

Until then, see you on my next post!
Have a lovely day everybody! 😄

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