Food Travel // U.F.O. Fried Ramen

March 28, 2017

Hello everyone!
Okay, I know I said that this post is going to be my February Food Travel, but apparently there will be two more additional posts (including this one) before the actual February Food Travel post! Don't worry though, because they're all gonna be posted in the same day! So, you don't need to wait that much longer ;)

So, on this post, I'm going to review this instant noodle that has been so popular lately, called U.F.O. Fried Ramen.

As you can see, it has two different flavors: Spicy Curry and Spicy Mayo (Japanese Sauce).

The first thing I recognized about it was its extraordinary packaging. When I opened up the plastic, I found the cup with the instructions on the lid.

Furthermore, it also had holes to strain the water out of the cup (since it's a fried ramen after all). I found it really useful and love this feature very much!

Let's take a look at the Spicy Curry flavor first, shall we. I heard that a lot of people love this flavor so much, and since I also love curry so much, I was just really excited to try it!

Now, this one is the photos for the Spicy Mayo flavor:

After eating both flavors, I have to say that I love the Spicy Curry flavor more. Mostly because I love curry, I guess. If you love soy sauce then maybe you'll prefer the Spicy Mayo one, but since I'm not a really big fan of it, I didn't really enjoy the Spicy Mayo flavor. I will definitely buy more cups of the Spicy Curry though, yes, I enjoyed it that much!! :D

For those of you who's wondering whether it really is spicy, I can assure you that it wasn't spicy at all. If you can eat a spoon of Samyang, then this will definitely be nothing to you.

This is the end of my short short review, and see you on my next post!
Have a lovely day!

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