Food Travel // February 2017

March 28, 2017

Hello, hello! Here we are at the very beginning of my February Food Travel post! There were a lot of nice food I had back in February, so I guess shouldn't we just start?

The very first restaurant/cafe visit I had in February was to Muttonbird Bistro & Rooftop. It was a work-related visit, so the food was ordered for us. Here are some photos of the food that I had there, my most favorite one was the pasta:

Then, I also had a visit to this newest branch of De Mandailing! Look at this fluffy waffle!

Read the story of my visit to De Mandailing West Surabaya branch here.

I ever mentioned that I love Esprecielo Allure, and now they are having another product called Esprecielo Melts! It's a chocolate latte, that is just so nice! If you love bitter dark chocolate, you're totally going to love this drink, since it has a hint of bitterness within the taste.

Have you read one of my newest posts? One of them is about this cup instant noodle called U.F.O. Fried Ramen. Read the complete post here.

The very first weekend of February I went to one of my favorite restaurant, Top Noodle Express, and tried out this menu called Mie Ayam Tahu Saus Cabe (Chicken Tofu with Chili Sauce Noodle). I expected it to be great,but I didn't expect it to be that GREAT! This was definitely one of my favorite menu there.

Afterwards, I also got kidnapped to this new cafe/restaurant in town, Fukudon. You can read my full story here.

In February I also had a diet and here what my food looked like:

Finally! My mom bought this cake that I'd been dying to try: Surabaya Snowcake! We had the choco banana and cheese flavors, and I just love them both!

Let me show you one of my favorite snack that I bought at Pasar Atom:

It's really yummy! Perfect savory snack for me! :D

We also celebrated Valentine's Day in February! Read how my valentine's day went here.

Just another dinner at Banana Leaf. Love this fish!

I was lucky enough to have a one-night stay experience at Gachi! Read more here.

The owner of my office was having a birthday last month and look what he gave each of us:

Another visit to one of my family's favorite restaurants: Linkafe.

We were also celebrating my aunt's birthday in December! Here's how the cake looked like:

Since, February was the month of love Chitato released a couple edition chips! How cute is the packaging, right? I still prefer the original flavor, though :p

Here are some food that my mom bought after we went home from church:
The chicken was her favorite!

I finally tried out the curry from Yoshinoya! It was pretty good!

My aunt was having a dinner celebration for her birthday! She invited us to Kapin Restaurant and here's how the table situation looked like:

I mentioned that I wanted to try this Cadbury Crepe by D'Crepes to my mom, and she just bought me one the next day! Love it!

I must say that peyek is one of my all-time favorite snacks, but this one was just expensive and not tasty enough though.

There was a food tasting at my office and it was for Pasta! Spaghetti to be precised. Since I'm a pasta lover, how could I say no? :D

Having a laid-back date at Starbucks while watching some film at the laptop. It's just how I describe a perfect date: cafe and relaxing.

Who loves Indomie here? Then you should check out my newest post about its new flavors here!!

I also tried out this Hershey's Ice Cream from Wall's!!

I also tried out the Tim Tam Choco Blast ice cream! Even though both of these flavors were amazing, I will always still love the Oreo flavor the most though :p

For those of you who haven't tried out the Red Velvet Tim Tam then you should definitely try it!! I just love it so much!

My little brother was also celebrating his birthday in February! He got lucky and had two birthday cakes for his special day:

For the final one, let me show you another pasta I had from the food tasting. This one is Chicken Sambal Matah Pasta! Whoop whoopp!

It's the end of my February Food Travel post! Well, it's really late since it's almost the end of March already, but it's better late than never, right? ;)

I hope you've been enjoying my posts today and see you soon on the next post!
Have a lovely day everyone! :D

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