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March 20, 2017

Hello again!
Last month, I got a pretty rare chance to have a one-night stay at Gachi Hotel & Resto. For those who don't know, it's a seasonal hotel and restaurant by Hotel Management students at Petra Christian University. So, yeah, it's an assignment to run a hotel and restaurant, that's why you might never see this particular hotel and restaurant again after the assignment period is finished, because they're always changing.

Despite all that, let me tell you how my night went. Gachi is a Korea-themed hotel and restaurant, that's why the entrance was decorated like this:

Then, we did need to check in at the front desk, just like any other hotel procedure. After we're all finished, we were taken to our room. It was a spacious room, and look what we got as a complimentary welcome gift on our bed: Macaroons!

We were also given some juices at the front desk, which we brought to our room:

There was also a mini bar which had lots of yummy snacks and drinks.

I was also quite surprised that they had a New Testament Bible on the table beside the bed. You can really feel the Christian school vibe, don't you? 😇

The room was clean with a vintage feel to it. I expected it to be more Korean though, honestly.

That night, my friend ordered a room service, and here's how the food looked like:

When we did the check-in, we were also asked to fill the breakfast form. It had some food choices we could choose for our breakfast the next morning, and here's a breakfast for one person looked like:

Overall, the service was really great and professional enough. All the food looked amazing, as you can see. I didn't get a chance to visit the restaurant because I went there after work, and directly went to work again in the morning. Oh well.. That's life, you can't always get what you want, right? That's totally fine though, the experience I had was good enough to be remembered 😁

That's it for today, guys! Next up is my February Food Travel post that will have a lot of tasty food to see (too bad, we don't have a technology to try the food from the photos yet 😛)!

See you soon! Happy Monday!

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