Food Travel // April 2017

May 27, 2017

Hello guys! Welcome again to another monthly Food Travel post!
Let's see the recap of the food I had in April 2017 shall we? 😊

In April, I tried out another instant noodle called Gekikara Ramen. It's a spicy flavor one, and I totally loved it!

My family and I were back to Pasarame at Pakuwon Mall. This time my brother tried out the Nasi Ayam Hainan and my mother was still loving the Lekker snack.

The newest branch of Maison Feerie was finally opened at Pakuwon Mall!

Trying out this snack my mom brought home from Singapore in January called Cream Clan, and I ended up eating the whole package within this month.

Two more instant noodles that I tried: Mikuya Ramen Tori Kara (Spicy Chicken) Flavor and Iya-Iya (Black Soy with Spicy Sauce) Flavor. I love the black soy one better than the chicken one. The soup tasted a little bit like Chinese medicine that I don't particularly enjoy.

If you love sweet drinks then you'd definitely love this Green Tea Strawberry Blossom Frappuccino from Starbucks! It's still really yummy, even though it's a little bit too sweet for me!

Yummy waffle treats from Waffle On D'Wheels! Check out their food truck at Pakuwon Mall!

I just couldn't resist these savory treats! I love the roasted corn flavor best!

Visited Han-Ji to redeem my voucher from winning their Instagram photo contest! I got two boxes of their yummy mixed cheese tart! 😋

I also tried out their yummy new product called Crunch Cheese 😋

Fulfilling my craving for Top Noodle Express noodles!

Looking for a healthier choices of bread and decided to try out this bread with raisins from Tous Les Jours! Totally fell in love with it!

Finally able to try out these yogurt bar from Heavenly Blush! I love the berries one better 😁

Had a nice lunch at Wapo Resto Pandaan! Totally recommended!

Excelso was finally having an official LINE account and they had this amazing promotion for anyonw who added them: a 75% discount for all of their drinks! I decided to have the newest Taro Frappio and I didn't regret it at all!

Lamington was visiting Surabaya! Read more here.

My little sister wanted to try this Potato Twister and it's so nice and crispy!

Another promo purchase, and this time it's Gold Cake! Yum! 😋

Having a delicious french fries from Potato Corner! My little sister and I are totally in love with this! We especially love the BBQ flavor!

Another stop at Pasarame. My mother was enjoying her cassava, my little brother tried out the Nasi Bakar, and my little sister ate this unique Mie Ayam Betutu with me. It tasted pretty nice for me.

Let me introduce you to my most favorite bread in April! Here's the Grains Pan Bread from Tous Les Jours! I could eat it just the way it is or spread some peanut butter on it.

Lunch at The Duck King! Check out the complete story here!

Dessert time at First Love Patisserie! Read my complete thought here.

Enjoying Rotiboy again after what felt like forever! Will always love the bread here! 😍

I know it's so lame, but I finally try out the snack at Hapsari for the very first time in April. Read more here.

Additional snack for lunch: french fries from Ceker & Friends!

A snack from South Korea! It totally looked like I loved it so much, since I couldn't stop munching it. Look at those nice packaging and cute shapes!

A great slice of pizza from La Rucola!

Mochi lovers should definitely check out this new mochi store in town! Start by reading my post!

If you're Indonesian, then I guess this huge plastic of Kerupuk Upil will get you excited! My office mate just bought us some one day, and it was an awesome day! 😆

Been craving for sushi and finally able to fulfill my craving at Sushi Tei! Read the complete story here!

Have a nice late afternoon with bubble tea from T4U!

This old school cone ice cream would totally bring back lots of great childhood memories.

A fast food lunch time at A&W.

Bread-shopping at my most favorite bakery: Tous Les Jours (again!). All the breads that I had were just so delicious!

Here's the story of my visit to Abura Soba Yamatoten!

Never knew that Maison Feerie has this yummy unique ice cream called Hazelnut Cannoli! You should definitely give it a try, since it's only IDR 15.000 for the delicious ice cream and pastry!

Karaoke night wouldn't have been perfect without some snacks! Love this french fries since it's so thin and crispy! Singing out loud at Happy Puppy that night.

I know it's unhealthy, but here's another instant noodles that I had in April. Another Gekikara Ramen with Spicy Seafood Flavor that I love!

Had a great catch-up time with one of my very best friends, and she bought me this delicious green tea ice cream from Shiroiyuki as a treat. Check out their booth at Pakuwon Trade Center!

Some of my family members went to Wisata Bahari Lamongan and brought home some snacks they found in Lamongan!

I thought it would've been great, apparently I didn't really enjoy it that much. I'll stick to the original flavor of Mie Sedap for now.

I guess my mother kind of knew about my obsession with peanut butter sandwich in April, that's why she bought me this delicious sandwich from Sari Roti.

Lunch time at Dundee/Master D while strolling around at ITC.

Didn't really remember whether I've ever tried this Malkist Coklat from Roma, but I loved it so much that I ate the whole package directly! 😙

I knew that Heavenly Blush has a Greek Yogurt product, but I never knew that they have one with granola! Bought one, ate it, and loved it!

That morning when I went to the supermarket and decided to have a cold tea to start the day. Enjoying this Less Sugar Teh Kotak before started my work was a really nice decision.

New place to eat for lunch time! Read my thoughts here!

Another karaoke night!This one was at Inul Vista! Of course we wouldn't forget our snacks! 😆

Having a Korean BBQ dinner at Chung Gi Wa! Find out more in my post here!

Saw all of these Glico Wings ice creams, and decided to try one: Frost Bite Pari-Pari Vanilla!Can't wait to try more flavors!! 😋

Checking out this Street Chefs event by Hotel Management students from Petra Christian University. Decided to try the food from one of the stall called BongBong. Honestly, I just loved the cute design they had for their brand. The food tasted ordinary though, but good job on the cute graphics!

Those are all of the food I had in April!
Stay tune for more interesting food in May, guys!
See you on my next post! 😁

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