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May 16, 2017

Another day, another story to be told! :D
Let me tell you the story of my very first visit to The Duck King. Yes, I've never visited this restaurant before, because it's one of the high-end restaurants and I'm the type of girl who likes to eat at a more wallet-friendly place. So, why did I come and eat here? Long story short, my mom got a IDR 100.000 dine in voucher at this restaurant. That's why we decided to check this restaurant out and headed to Tunjungan Plaza 5.

It looks quite small at the front, but it's actually spacious enough on the inside. There were two kinds of menu at the table: the big thick book and the one that also became our table mat. As you may have guessed, the food in the book was much more expensive than the other one.

I really enjoy the vibe of the restaurant, especially because of the big windows! Honestly speaking, the city view wasn't that great but it's still nice to see the blue sky. Maybe the view will get prettier at night with the city lights glowing.

If you're wondering what we ordered, here are the food that we had:
Sup Jagung Kepiting IDR 50.000
Nasi Goreng Daging Kepiting dgn Daun Bawang IDR 53.000
Mie Kuah Kari dengan Ayam Kampung Rebus IDR 46.000
Tim Siew Mai IDR 23.800
Pangsit Udang Goreng Mayonaise IDR 23.800
Lumpia Udang Goreng dengan Kulit Tahu IDR 23.800
Nasi Putih IDR 8.000
Coke IDR 20.000
Guava Juice IDR 25.000
*5% service charge and 10% tax aren't included yet

Out of all the food I had, I enjoyed the noodle the most! It's cheaper than the fried rice, yet the portion was a lot bigger! And of course I love it because it's the combination of curry and spicy! The dimsums were also really good! I suggest you to try the dimsums and the noodle here!

If you don't mind to spend more money here, then I guess you should try their duck, because it's called The Duck King anyway. I didn't try any at that time, but maybe someday I will eventually have one.

So, this is it for now. I hope this post will make you hungry just like I am now :D
See you on my next post!

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