Food Travel // Chung Gi Wa

May 23, 2017

Hello hello!
Today I want to tell you about my eating experience at a Korean BBQ Restaurant called Chung Gi Wa!

I almost went to have lunch here once, but seeing the price made me stop because there were just two of us at that time. This time there were five of us, so we decided to just check it out! 😁

Let's see what they got to offer first, alright?

As any other Korean restaurants, get ready for lots of free and refillable side dishes! Honestly I was getting so full because of all these yummy side dishes! It's so delicious that we kept asking for more 😝

Are you wondering what we ordered? Well, here's the list:
- Yangnyeom Gui IDR 97.000
- Ogyopsal IDR 97.000
- Dolsot Bibimbab IDR 75.000
- Rice IDR 10.000
*5% service and 10% tax aren't included yet

The waiters will ask you whether you want to cook your own meat or get it cooked. We chose to have the cooking experience, of course!

Personally I love this Yangnyeom Gui better, because it's marinated with such a nice sauce and it's also so tender! Yum! 😋

Below is the photo of the Dolsot Bibimbab. It's a vegetarian version though, since one of our friend is a vegetarian, he decided to order this and request to have mushroom in it instead of the meat. I didn't try it, but it sure looks delicious, don't you think? I know for sure that the sauce was yummy though! 😂

Now let's see the Ogyopsal being cooked!

I didn't enjoy it as much as the Yangnyeom Gui because it's too chewy for me. It's still delicious, but since I don't particularly enjoy chewy food like squid, octopus, etc, this one wasn't really my favorite one.

Alright, here's a little tips to enjoy the meat here if you have low budget. First, make sure to eat here in group, so you can split up the bill while enjoying variety of menu. Second, you don't need to order too much food, you can get full while eating the side dishes too. Oh yes, I did get full mostly because of the side dishes. So, yeah, those are few of my tips to enjoy your eating experience here while saving your wallet from crisis 😏

I totally want to come back here, since I want to try more variety of menu they have! I also will totally be back because of the side dishes too! 😆

Alright, I guess this is it for now.
See you on my next post, guys!

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