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May 22, 2017

Hello! Let's welcome Monday with a smile again today!
Since it's back-to-work day, I want to share with you this new place that sells chicken wings near my office. It's called Jank Jank!

My first thought after seeing the menu was that the price of the food here isn't that expensive. So, my friends and I just decided to have our lunch here.

You can choose to eat on the first floor or at the second floor which has air conditioner. As you can see, we arranged the tables because there were a lot of us at that time. So, yeah, the table arrangement doesn't usually look like that 😂 For me the vibe upstairs was nicer, so we always choose to eat on the second floor (besides the fact that it's colder upstairs too! 😝).

When you come, you can order and pay your food on the first floor, then ask them to bring it upstairs for you. I've visited this place twice so far, and the service was rather slow. So, just make sure to be patient while waiting for your food to come. Maybe they are still new, and trying to get use to it. Here I am hoping for their improvement soon 😀

The taste of the food isn't that bad, it's actually kind of good. I've only tried the chicken wing with Japanese Curry Sauce which I enjoyed. The french fries were also quite a lot even though it looked rather small.

Well, I'm glad that there is a new place to have lunch near my office, because it's been pretty boring to keep on eating at the same places. Definitely will explore more food here!

See you on my next post! 😁

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